Gerhard Lauck: What does not destroy us, makes us stronger!


The persecution of patriots – especially National Socialists – is steadily increasing both in Germany and throughout the other Aryan countries. Our answer can only be: We have not yet begun to fight!

Every act of repression steels our will to fight, every injustice fans our holy hatred against the Jew lackeys, every anti-White smear campaign like the HoloHoax is ethnic defamation against the entire White race. All of this merely strengthens our determination to fight in this crusade against the world enemy until the final solution is achieved.

Whoever defends the persecution of National Socialists is an armchair arsonist. Whoever fills innocent Aryan children with perverse self-hate commits spiritual rape and child abuse. Whoever celebrates the mass murder in Dresden as a "liberation" glorifies violence. Whoever forces "reeducation"/brainwashing perpetrates intellectual pollution. Whoever promotes the systematic race-mixing of an entire country, indeed of an entire continent, participates in genocide!

No mercy for these political gangsters of the Jew system! (No vigilantism! Fair trial and just punishment!)

This filth, however, also has a good side. It makes us hard! It makes us pitiless! It makes us fanatical!

It also encourages the global, pan-Aryan solidarity that can alone save our race! It started with the Waffen-SS and continued to develop onward after the Second World War. At first it was Greater Germany and pan-Germanism. Today the Romance, the Anglo-American and the Slavic peoples have joined. We have become race comrades and political comrades, indeed comrades in arms, united by the conviction that only the pro-nature, heroic world-view of National Socialism of our Leader Adolf Hitler is able to give White resistance fighters the spiritual strength needed to win final victory.

The swastika possesses both a political and a psychology energy – even a spiritual force – that our ancestors already recognized millennia ago. That is why it is suppressed or even banned by the ruling sub-humanity! Hence we must consciously and sensibly employ this weapon.

If the enemy fears a weapon, there is a reason. If the enemy is especially afraid of one specific weapon, that is especially significant. The enemy has a mortal fear of National Socialism, of the greatest son of our race Adolf Hitler and of the holy swastika!

We National Socialists, on the other hand, have no fear. Why should we? One can only feel disgust and revulsion toward such creatures. They have neither the honor nor the worth to justify a proud, manly hatred.

We are convinced:

What does not destroy US, makes US stronger!

Gerhard Lauck (NSDAP/AO: PO Box 6414, Lincoln, NE 68506 USA)

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