VIDEO: Ukrainians Welcome Hitler as Liberator (1941)


In the video footage below Ukrainians welcome the righteous German army as liberators from Communist tyranny and savagery.

Ukrainian women mourn the deaths of their husbands who had been rounded up and executed en masse by Jewish-Soviet NKVD agents and local Jews who collaborated with the Communist occupiers of their nation. The Ukrainians eagerly joined the fight against the beastly abomination of a nation: the USSR (a de-facto Jewish colony since 1917).

What the Jews did to the Ukraine (having lived through the Jewish-Soviet Holocaust of 6-10 million of their people in 1932′s Holodomor a decade earlier) they also did in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, and other Eastern European countries that had come under Soviet-Communist occupation in late 1939 and early 1940 — i.e. betray the country by collaborating with the invading/occupying hordes of mass murderers and mass rapists, the Soviet Communists.

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