Texas Jewish Professor Discusses Building a Dream of White Genocide


For over 30 years, Rice University Sociology Professor Dr. Stephen Klineberg has been studying the demographics of Greater Houston, in Texas.

Houston’s demographic data reveals that it’s now 33% White, 41% Hispanic (mixed-race), 18% Black, and 8% Asian, and more than 70% of all children are non-White, with the over-60′s being the only age group where White people are still a majority. “We are watching [Houston] reinvent itself in the 21st century,” Klineberg said, “and it’s very much a challenge that all of our different places [face], and Sugar Land has been pioneering new urbanism right now, that whole sense that you can have an urban experience and urban opportunities even within the [immediate area].”


Klineberg said that Fort Bend could be “the single most ethnically diverse county in the world.”

“This is where the four communities meet in greater balance [and] greater equality. All of us caught on to build something new under the sun: a truly successful, inclusive, equitable, multi-ethnic society that will be Houston and Texas and America in the 21st century, happening here.”

According to anti-Whites, every White area and ONLY White areas must become this “new society”, where the original inhabitants are replaced and blended with millions of non-White immigrants pouring in from the third world. This is White genocide by assimilation.

“No one chose this, no one planned out this would happen, this is Houston’s destiny, to be at the forefront of the demographic transformation that’s occurring across America.”

“Demographic transformation” should read “White genocide”, because ONLY White areas are being transformed from one group of people to another, and again – that’s genocide.

He claims that no one planned this. Isn’t it just a huge coincidence how all these anti-Whites screaming, name-calling, changing laws, and producing propaganda to misinform people, result in exactly what they are calling for?

“This is where the American future is going to be worked out,” Klineberg said. “We are where all of America will be within the next 15 to 25 years ”

Klineberg thinks that society is going to carry on going in this direction where White people apologize for colonialism, privilege, slavery, and beg, and beg for forgiveness – he is wrong.

If White people do become a minority, as a group, we will be more powerful than we are now with all our atomic weapons. All this “White privilege” no longer makes sense to the public if we are being murdered, and robbed, by the very people who WE are supposed to be victimizing.

At this moment in time, it there are still plenty of White areas for White people to retreat to, so there will be no mass awakening for a while. When our people have their backs in a corner – that is we start fighting back – and that is when our struggle gains real world power.

(White Genocide Project)

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