Black Guy Says He’s a Monkey, Gets Naked Outside Daytona Beach Store


A black guy is out on bond after calling himself a monkey and stripping naked in front of police and customers at a convenience store.

Daylen Holloman (picture courtesy Volusia County Jail) of Bruning Lane was cuffed and booked by Daytona Beach police after the incident, which happened around 12:30am Wednesday morning at the 7-Eleven store on 623 North Oleander Avenue. The 20-year-old negro called 911 using a phone at the 7-Eleven and told dispatchers he did not know why he was calling them.

 Almost every time dispatchers asked him if there was an emergency, why he was calling, if there was anyone else at the business they could talk to or even what his name was, Holloman kept saying “I don’t know.”

The only time that changed was when Holloman spontaneously uttered that he remembered his name. “Yeah, it’s, uh, monkey,” he told dispatchers.

When officers arrived, they took Holloman out of the store and asked him several questions, all to which he replied he didn’t know.

According to the report, an officer then asked Holloman, “What do you know?”, to which Holloman replied “I know I am a monkey.”

The strip show began when an officer told Holloman he is human, not a monkey, because he was wearing a shirt and humans wear clothes.

At that point, Holloman allegedly said “Oh, really?” and started removing his clothes until he was completely naked in front of the officer, customers and workers at the 7-Eleven, despite warnings from the officer to cease. The officer also reported that Holloman smiled at a female store clerk the entire time he was stripping, like it was a joke.

After that, Holloman was arrested and transported to the Volusia County Jail, where he was released on $500 bond to his parents.

(Levy County journal)

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