Growing Black on White Hate Crime Mob Attacks on School Buses in U.S.


In the city of Chester, PA, which is 75% black, two white students were attacked and beaten by three black students on a school bus. The three face criminal charges. The bus driver also faces criminal charges for not stopping the bus.

The school district is overwhelmingly black. No media outlet is reporting the fact that the perpetrators are black. If the races were reversed, it would be a major news story and the media would be screaming “racially motivated white on black hate crime mob beating.”

 The initial sucker punch was videotaped. You can hear other black passengers egg the attacker on and then cheer. The victim then asks the bus driver to let him off the bus. The driver refuses. After that, two more black perpetrators join in and continue to attack the victim as well as a second white victim.

In the next video, a fourteen year old white female is viciously attacked by several black thugs. Others cheer widely and one person video tapes it. Police say the perpetrators have been passing out the video at their school. The victim says she doesn’t know any of the attackers. She said she doesn’t want to testify against any for fear of retaliation. So police say they won;t pursue charges even though they have video of the attack. All across the United States, public transportation is becoming a no-go zone for white people. Even though whites pay most of the taxes that subsidize public transportation, they can’t use them for fear of being attacked by black people.

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