Sickening Jew Wants to Hunt Down and Murder All Germans in Canada


A sick Jewish terrorist and hate-filled Christ-killing monster is protesting the weird country of Canada

and demanding that all Germans be hunted down and murdered by the government. Oh, but this rat is now claiming that these Germans he wants to murder for no reason will escape his violent and murderous Jew wrath.

 National Post:

Back in the 1990s, Steve Rambam posed as a university researcher to get war criminals to tell him their stories.

In Hope, B.C., he interviewed Antanas Kenstavicius.

“He was a police chief in Lithuania and his unit, under supervision of Germans, rounded up 5,000 Jews. They were locked up for a week, the women raped, their belongings looted. Then they lined them up naked in the ditch… it took them six days to kill them all by gunfire. This guy was telling me all this matter-of-factly. He told me: ‘Then on Nov. 19, no more Jews.’”

It took them six days to kill them all by gunfire. This guy was telling me all this matter-of-factly

Proceedings to deport Mr. Kenstavicius began in 1997; the 90-year-old died the same day.

The case was not the first, or last, Canadian failure to bring suspected Nazi war criminals to justice.

It is estimated that between 2,000 and 5,000 war criminals fled to Canada after the Second World War, but not one Nazi has ever been successfully prosecuted in this country.

“It is to the Canadian government’s great and eternal shame that more was not done,” said Mr. Rambam, the renowned “Nazi hunter” who will be in Toronto on Tuesday for a charity event.

Activists say it’s not too late for Canada to act. A handful of cases are still actionable.

Looking back, a key problem was that for decades Canada did not actively pursue suspected war criminals, and when it did decide to launch proceedings they were done badly and ineffectively, said David Matas, senior legal counsel of B’nai Brith Canada.

“Canada started too late; there were just too many perpetrators; too much evidence had been destroyed or lost. The effort was more an attempt to construct a justice legacy for the victims of the Holocaust,” said Mr. Matas.

The seeds of Canada’s inaction were sown three years after the end of the war. The allied powers decided that prosecuting war criminals would end and the British Commonwealth Relations Office wrote to the dominions explaining the policy.

(Daily Stormer)

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