Police are Actually Investigating the Presence of a Swastika Embedded in Paving Stones


Germany should be proud of its National Socialist history and the symbol of the swastika.

The fact that swastikas are illegal in Germany is ridiculous, and it is even more ridiculous that the police would investigate the presence of a swastika embedded in paving stones. Most likely this was placed intentionally, but why would German residents be horrified to see such a thing? Germans really need to start embracing their National Socialist past and remove all the Jews that have destroyed their great culture.

Austrian Town Officials Resign after National Socialist Basement Film


Conservative town council members in Austria have resigned from their posts after a documentary film showed them singing and toasting one another in a basement room filled with NS memorabilia.

The case has prompted extensive media coverage in Austria, which is still coming to terms with its past as part of NS Germany after Adolf Hitler, who was born in Austria. The scene from cult filmmaker Ulrich Seidl's "Im Keller" shows five men in traditional dress singing a drinking song in a room featuring a portrait of Hitler, a swastika flag and mannequins wearing NS uniforms and helmets.

Daily Horror: Jew Customer Received a Receipt with a "Sieg Heil" Salute at a Shop near Stockholm


A Swedish supermarket forced to apologize after the message "Don't Come Back! Sieg Heil" was found printed on two receipts.

Louise Stephan, a representative for supermarket chain Coop, confirmed the message was found on two receipts from a Stockholm location and the words were apparently added to the system manually by an employee. "I can confirm that this happened. It's completely unacceptable and we're very disappointed," Stephan told The Local.

Irish Auction House Defends Sale of National Socialist Daggers


An Irish auction house defended its decision to sell National Socialist daggers saying collectors will buy because of an interest in history.

The National Socialist memorabilia collection, estimated to be worth a total of €20,000, includes daggers, small knives and badges from the Third Reich. The sale is set to be hosted by Whyte’s specialist art and collectibles auction house next weekend. “You could do some damage with [the dagger], yes, but these were purely used for decorative purposes,” Ian Whyte, Managing Director of Whyte & Sons Auctioneers Ltd, told a radio.

Rudolf Heß: Last Words before Final Jugdment


Kazakh Magazine Editor in Trouble Over Idolizing Adolf Hitler


The chief editor of a celebrity magazine in Kazakhstan has been fined for devoting the April issue to Adolf Hitler.

An Almaty court on June 30 found Zharylqap Qalybai, the chief editor of the magazine "Zhuldyzdar Otbasy-Anyz Adam" (Celebrities Family-Legendary People), guilty of insulting 13 veterans of World War II and ruled that he must pay 1,000,000 tenges ($5,350) to each of the plaintiffs.The issue in question contained photographs and memories of Hitler from his associates and friends.

Jew Giant eBay Rejects Listing for Lufwaffe Commander's Mercedes Because it's "Hate Filled"


Auction website eBay has refused to list a World War II-era Mercedes Benz once owned Hermann Goering,

the National Socialist leader who commanded the German air force, citing a policy prohibiting the sale of "offensive items". The 1941 Mercedes Benz 540 K Cabriolet B, custom built by Daimler-Benz for Adolf Hitler’s close confidant, is currently in pieces in a high-end south Florida automobile shop, where owners said they plan to spend about $750,000 to restore it to working condition.

Jews Cry 6,000,000 Tears as "Nazi-Themed" Cafe Reopens in Indonesia


A "Nazi-themed" cafe in Indonesia that closed after sparking jewish outrage reopened with its walls still bearing swastikas and a painting of Adolf Hitler.

Henry Mulyana voluntarily shut down his SoldatenKaffee after media reports exposed his swastika-clad establishment, "prompting death threats and accusation of inciting racial hatred". Following the closure, his lawyer told AFP that Mulyana would later reopen his business with a broader WWII theme and said he would remove all swastikas.

Former Waffen-SS Totenkopf Soldier, 89, Arrested in US for "Killing Hundreds of Thousands Jews"


An 89-year-old former Waffen-SS soldier accused of aiding and abetting the "killing of hundreds of thousands of inoccent Jews" has been arrested.

Johann Breyer is being held without bail in Pennsylvania after Germany issued a warrant for his arrest following new evidence. While admitting he was an Auschwitz guard, he says he was stationed outside and had nothing to do with the deaths. His lawyer told a Philadelphia court his client was too frail to be held while awaiting extradition hearings.

Italian Duce Benito Mussolini's Alfa Romeo Sold at French Auction


Italian Duce Benito Mussolini's official car, an Alfa Romeo convertible, has fetched €180,000 ($240,000) at auction in France, the auctioneer said.

An unnamed Russian museum bought the car, which needs complete restoration, at a sale in Caen-Carpiquet in northwestern France. Originally fitted with a silver dashboard and handles, the car was custom-built in 1937 for Italian King Victor Emmanuel III before becoming Mussolini's official car, according to expert Xavier Aiolfi.

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