Kazakh Magazine Editor in Trouble Over Idolizing Adolf Hitler


The chief editor of a celebrity magazine in Kazakhstan has been fined for devoting the April issue to Adolf Hitler.

An Almaty court on June 30 found Zharylqap Qalybai, the chief editor of the magazine "Zhuldyzdar Otbasy-Anyz Adam" (Celebrities Family-Legendary People), guilty of insulting 13 veterans of World War II and ruled that he must pay 1,000,000 tenges ($5,350) to each of the plaintiffs.The issue in question contained photographs and memories of Hitler from his associates and friends.

It also included excerpts from Hitler's Mein Kampf.

The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit against Qaybai in early June, accusing him of "propagating fascism."

Qalybai says he will appeal the court decision.

Qalybai was fined $1,200 in May for failing to reveal which publishing house had printed the last three issues of the magazine, which included the Hitler issue.

(Radio Free Europe)

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