Police are Actually Investigating the Presence of a Swastika Embedded in Paving Stones


Germany should be proud of its National Socialist history and the symbol of the swastika.

The fact that swastikas are illegal in Germany is ridiculous, and it is even more ridiculous that the police would investigate the presence of a swastika embedded in paving stones. Most likely this was placed intentionally, but why would German residents be horrified to see such a thing? Germans really need to start embracing their National Socialist past and remove all the Jews that have destroyed their great culture.

London Telegraph:

It is hard to imagine a worse council blunder than that endured by the German town of Goslar, where residents awoke to find a prominent Nazi swastika embedded in the paving stones of a pedestrian zone this week.

The Lower Saxony town had hired a contractor to spruce up its shopping streets who was expected to repave the disheveled walkways with a random pattern of light and dark bricks.

But when the new streets were finally unveiled, residents were horrified to see a perfectly formed swastika laid out in red among the black bricks.

Any display of the Nazi symbol is illegal in Germany and the police have since launched an investigation. The the offending section was later removed.

“When the first pictures of it appeared on the internet, we had no idea where the swastika actually was,” Christian Burgart, a spokesman for the local council told Welt newspaper.

(Daily Slave)

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