Zionists Still has No Clue What to Do with Adolf Hitler’s Birthplace


What do you do with the house Hitler was born in?

For years the building in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn has been rented by the Austrian interior ministry "to prevent misuse by neo-Nazis". It was once a day-care centre for the disabled. Now it is empty, as the owner has not agreed to any plans for its future use. Braunau am Inn is a pretty little town in northern Austria, right on the border with Germany. But it has a heavy legacy.

Adolf Hitler's Secret Nuclear Weapons Complex Discovered in Austria


A labyrinth of secret underground tunnels believed to have been used by the National Socialists to develop a nuclear bomb has been uncovered.

The facility, which covers an area of up to 75 acres, was discovered near the town of St Georgen an der Gusen, Austria, it has been reported. Excavations began on the site after researchers detected heightened levels of radiation in the area - supporting claims that the National Socialists were developing nuclear weapons.

Hellstorm: The Rape of Germany (VIDEO)


Thomas Goodrich’s book on one of the worst atrocities in human history,

the total devastation of National Socialist Germany that was carried out at the end of and after the war, is being set to film by Renegade productions. With Goodrich narrating, interspersed with audio from survivors and actual footage of some of the horrific mutilations that occurred, this preview gives a shocking taste of the full-length film that is to follow.

The INCREDIBLE Picture that Proves Adolf Hitler Lived to 95 with his Brazilian Lover


The leader of the Third Reich fled to Paraguay, via Argentina, before settling in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil,

according to a "shocking" new book. Hitler is said to have used the assumed name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the 12,000 locals in Nossa Senhora do Livramento as "the Old German". The man at the centre of the controversial claim is pictured, two years before his death in 1984, posing happily with his black girlfriend Cutinga.

Artwork Favored by Adolf Hitler Now Exploding in Popularity


Adolf Hitler’s favorite artists and artwork, promoted throughout National Socialist Germany and shunned by the jews for decades,

are now on fire, with art collectors in America and Europe paying more than $150,000.“The major auction houses won’t touch these artists due to their acceptance by and collaboration with the Nazis,” said Maryland auctioneer Bill Panagopulos. But, he added, “ there’s a market here.”

Swastika Spotted by Brazilian Police Helicopter


A police helicopter in Brazil has made a interesting discovery – a huge swastika tiled into the bottom of a swimming pool.

Officers spotted the National Socialist emblem this week on a property in the city of Pomerode while investigating a kidnapping case. The homeowner, who has not been identified, will not face charges as the swastika is on private land and the symbol is not considered to be a "promotion of Nazism".

Adolf Hitler Appears in Thai Video to Promote Values


The short film commissioned by Thailand's military rulers was supposed to promote the "12 core values" every Thai student must now learn.

But there was one scene the junta has had "politically incorrect" explaining: a grinning schoolboy painting an image of Adolf Hitler while his smiling classmate applauds. The video, which has been screened before movies in major theaters since Saturday, has been met with ridicule by jews on social media and condemned by the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok.

Daily Horror: Polish Kids to Get Nazi Legos for Christmas!


The entire nation of Poland is under attack by internationals for allowing Lego-style "Nazi toys" to be marketed to children.

The Polish company producing the new toys is, needless to say, being roundly criticized. But it has defended its product. Lego-like figures featuring Swastikas and Third Reich emblems are a “fun way” to teach children history, Robert Podles, CEO of Cobi Toys, told news agency Ruptly, which is part of Russia’s RT network. Cobi Toys did not respond to an interview request by The Washington Post.

National Socialist Agenda Gains Ground in German Middle Class


Researchers in Berlin found that behind growing scepticism towards the euro,

support is growing for concepts more readily associated with the right wing. In a survey of 1,915 people between the ages of 16 and 95, some 36 percent of respondents believed that Germans should be more assertive about their national pride. More than 10 percent said Hitler’s dictatorship also had good aspects, while 11 percent agreed with the statement: “We should have a Führer who will govern Germany with a strong hand for the benefit of all.”

World’s "Most Wanted Nazi" Died in Syria 4 Years Ago, Investigator Reveals


Efraim Zuroff, the leading Jerusalem-based "Nazi hunter" revealed on Monday, 

Alois Brunner, the "world’s most wanted Nazi war criminal" is now certain to have died at least four years ago in Syria aged 98. Zuroff said he had obtained firm evidence of the war criminal’s death from a German intelligence official with extensive experience of Syria and the Middle East, who confirmed that Brunner had died of natural causes.

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