Document Confirms British were Plotting to Invade Germay Before Germany Invaded Poland


Though we hardly needed it, we received further confirmation this week that the declaration of war against Germany had nothing to do with Poland, and was in fact a brutal war of aggression launched for economic and Jewish reasons against the peaceful German people.

 From the Daily Mail:

An early version of the ‘King’s Speech’ reveals Britain was preparing to declare war on Germany before Hitler invaded Poland.

George VI’s address to the nation, depicted in the 2010 movie starring Colin Firth as the stammering monarch, had been written at least nine days beforehand.

The three-page document that has come to light is entitled ‘Draft King’s Speech’ and is dated August 25, 1939.

The document, which was written on August 25, 1939 – seven days before Germany’s invasion of Poland – has come to light after 74 years.

The typed document, the second draft of the speech, was retained by civil servant Harold Vale Rhodes, who had previously written a first attempt.

In a pencilled note in the left-hand margin, Mr Rhodes criticised the length of some of the sentences in the second draft and hinted that his should be used.

It would appear his advice was followed – the final speech read to the nation and the Commonwealth by the King on September 3 contained shorter, more concise sentences.

Although the tone remained the same, some of the content was significantly different. For instance, it did not mention Germany or Hitler by name but merely ‘our enemies’.

The early draft accused Germany of being a bully that wanted to dominate the world by brute force and stressed that ‘we are fighting for the principles of freedom and justice’.

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