Cat Nearly Died after Being Attacked by Antifascists "because He Looks Like Hitler"


A pet cat blinded in a brutal attack and left for dead by antifascist thugs "because he looks like Hitler".

Baz, a seven-year-old tomcat, has a distinctive patch of black fur under his nose, which resembles the german leader's moustache. He was found dumped in a bin in Tredworth, Gloucestershire, barely clinging to life with severe injuries to his left eye. But five months on, Baz has been nursed back to full health and has started to venture back outside thanks to his caring neighbours.

Owner Kirsty Sparrow, 26, fears her pet was targeted by antifascist youths because of his "unfortunate likeness".

She said: 'His eye has completely healed over and he is quite a lot heavier than he was.

'He doesn't seem to have been made more nervous by what happened, it's weird.

'He's happy to go outside, although he stays in the garden.'

She became worried about her pet when he failed to return home after a weekend on the prowl.

A neighbour found him dumped in a bin and Ms Sparrow rushed Baz to the vet for emergency treatment, where his left eye was removed because it was so badly damaged.

His treatment cost £600 and people from all over the country sent donations which covered around £80 of that.

Ms Sparrow said: 'He's so cute even if he does look like Hitler.

'It's the first thing I asked about when I turned up at the vets, if his features were all still there. I was crying.

'He's always looked like this way. His moustache is what makes him, him.'

She said the cat has looked like Hitler since birth but it has never drawn any negative attention before.

'He's always looked like this way. I don't know why anyone would do that to any animal, no matter how they look,' she said.

(Daily Mail)

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