White Nationalists from Around Europe Meet in Milan


For the second time in less than a month, white nationalists from around Europe met in Milan.

About 300 white people, among them representatives of Greece’s Golden Dawn and the British National Party and other white nationalist organizations, met at a Milan hotel on Saturday, according to local media. The gathering, organized by the Italian white nationalist party Forza Nuova, was intended as the first meeting of a new pan-European party called Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

The group aims to protect, celebrate and promote our common Christian values and European cultural heritage and is opposed to the advocates of US hegemony in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, according to its website.

Speakers at the Saturday gathering defended traditional family values and criticized Zionist globalism and immigration.

Also Saturday, several hundred people held an anti-fascist counter-demonstration outside Milan’s provincial government building.

On Nov. 29, several hundred skinheads and other white nationalists from around Europe gathered in an outlying district of Milan for an NS concert and rally called Hammerfest 2014 that was associated with the white power skinhead group Hammerskins.


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