Multicultural Horror: 20 Non-White Muslim "Refugees" Rape 11 Year Old Swedish Girl in Bathhouse


To all our Swedish media chose this week to cover up the gang rape that occurred at Husby pool in northern Stockholm on Sunday.

20 unaccompanied non-white refugee children from Björkuddens transit accommodation is suspected of molesting a 11-year-old white Swedish girl. The incident occurred when the tax-funded welfare Company Attendo Care made a trip to Husby bath with 20 of the unaccompanied refugee children who live on the company's facility Björkudden in Solna. Muslim children, who reportedly will be in 17 years of age, attacked a group of Swedish girls who were around 11 years old.

The girls were harassed by tafsningar and insults while trying to escape from non-white immigrant gang tore refugee children off their bathing suits. A number of white boys in the girls' company tried to stop the rape but was instead beaten. The abuse stopped only when a lifeguard reached the spot.

After the incident locked bathhouse staff in the unaccompanied non-white immigrant children in a special room while waiting for police. A police report was drawn up since the site.

Rape commonly

Before his visit, Attendo staff have had a conversation with the "asylum seekers", where among other things explained that they now had to control himself and not grope or rape some of the girls in the pool.

Several asylum accommodation has previously had problems with the unaccompanied immigrant children have been raped and committed sexual abuse, such as Swedish girls come to sing Lucia songs. In Gullspång have female staff had to quit because of sexual abuse.

Recurring immigrant problem in Husby bath

Rape and sexual abuse are common in the publicly funded Husby bath, which is Sweden's most lavish baths. In March, raped a woman of a muslim boy in the pool and in last year became a 16-year-old girl gang raped by a non-white immigrant gangs.


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