Harry Hughes' Reports On Fifth Annual Oi Fest in Arizona


On Saturday, March 2, 2013, N.S.M. Arizona attended the 5th annual Oi Fest in Tonopah, Arizona.

This is a music festival specifically geared towards the pro-white crowd, especially skinheads. This is the 5th time I've attended the Oi Fest, along with friends from the White Knights of America. As with previous years, The National Socialist Movement set up a table with merchandise and recruitment information. We arrived via the back way through Gila Bend and set up at noon. A junked van covered with graffiti was conveniently placed directly across from our table.

Brainwashed Citizens Formed Cordon to Prevent Nationalist Remembrance of Bombing Holocaust


Some 10,000 brainwashed citizens have formed a cordon inside Dresden to prevent national socialists from misusing an anniversary of the Allied bombing massacre of the German city during World War II.

 Dresden held commemorative events on Wednesday for past war-time bombing victims in Dresden, England's Coventry and Japan's Hiroshima as some 800 national socialist tried to begin a march near Dresden's main railway station. Police squads stopped them after a few hundred meters, close to where counter-demonstrators had set up one of three "blockades" in Dresden's historic inner city.

Picture Report from Day of Honour Remembrance in Budapest, Hungary


One of the most heroic war act of the history happened in Budapest from 11th till 13th of February in 1945.

The solders and the civilians who took a part in the outbreak from Buda castle -which was under the Soviet siege- were heroes and they deserved our eternal respect. They showed their divine quality in the fight against the red horde which was in numerical superiority in people and materials as well. The defenders of the besieged city choose the outbreak instead of the surrender and the oath-breaking in this way the solders keep their honor and the civilians keep their moral.

More than 50.000 Racial Nationalists Marched in Athens (video)


Swedish National Socialists Protest Against Jew World Order (video)


They burned an Israeli flag during the protest and said, “we love the aryans”.

Commander Jeff Schoep: Report from NSM/KKK Rally in North Carolina


Comrades, We have just returned from a highly productive march and rally in Charlotte, NC.

The turnout at this event from our side was even better attended than our April 2012 National Meeting in Frankfort, KY. Showcasing the growth of The National Socialist Movement, and our forward momentum in the South. Our opposition, the ara, communists, anarchists, occupy movement squaters, and other assorted far left groups including a Latino pro-illegal immigrant group who dressed as clowns came out to scream and make noise in a vile attempt to shout down our message.

50 White Activists In Front Of 250 Anti-Racists in NS/KKK Charlotte Rally


The most prominent counter-protesters were from the Latin American Coalition and Occupy Charlotte, but there were other unspecified groups represented.

The first media report on the National Socialist Movement's Charlotte rally on November 10th, 2012 has been published by WCNC, and they say that more than 250 anti-racist counter-protesters showed up and offset the estimated 50 white civil rights activists from the NSM and the Eden, NC klavern of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan with hoots, horns, and whistles on the lawn of Old City Hall.

Thousands of Swastika-wearing Russian Nationalists Marched in Moscow


Thousands of Russian racial nationalists, some wearing swastikas, marched through Moscow to protest against immigration.

There were chants the slogan 'Russia for the Russians' to protest President Vladimir Putin's government. Expressing resentment at the number of migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia living in the country, they says: Moscow is a Russian city. Nationalists accuse the Kremlin of lavishing privileges on migrants and minorities while ignoring ethnic Russian.

Great Britain: Meeting of North West National Front


On Tuesday night, 23rd of October there was a meeting of the North West National Front.

The meeting was held in a fantastic new venue in Rochdale. Chris Jackson Opened and Chaired the meeting. First Speaker was the newly appointed North Manchester Organiser Kevin McMahon, Kevin gave an inspiring maiden speech about how times have changed in his home town of Rochdale.

French Racial Nationalists Storms Site of New Mosque (video)


Around 60 members of a French nationalist group occupied the site of a future mosque to protest against the influence of Islam in France.

According to French media, protesters from a group called Generation Identity occupied the building site in a suburb of the town of Poitiers, western France. They climbed onto the building’s roof and displayed a banner marked with “732 generation identity” in reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the invading Muslim army to the north of Poitiers.

Protest March in Washington DC Against South African White Genocide


On September 22nd, 2012, the South Africa Project hosted their rally against White genocide in South Africa in Washington, DC.

Aryan Nations Pastor Morris Gulett posted the following tribute to those who participated, and he was honest about the numbers: "Today a few very brave and proud men and women made a stand for truth and justice at this nations Zionist controlled Capital in Washington D.C. To these fine Brothers and Sisters I lift my right arm in a salute to their honor. These people sacrificed much today and put their lives on the line for their people. There is no greater love than a man lay down his life for his brother.

North Texas White Unity Meeting


The great state of Texas is proud to announce that on Saturday, September 8 the NSM North Texas Chapter hosted a White Unity BBQ/Meeting.

The event went better than expected with about 20 people attending. We met some solid folk, made some lifelong friends, and are helping to unite White groups in the area. The event was hosted by ST Randy Smith Unit Leader, as well as Daniel L., and his wife, probate Kim. Thank you to all that have helped in the advancement of the NSM North Texas unit, and to all that showed up to the BBQ.

Swedish White National Socialists Have Summer Camp for Childrens


The white national socialist political party in Sweden is offering free admission for children to a summer camp.

In addition to the usual fun and games, the Party of Swedes camp offers "several interesting lectures, speeches, workshops," the Swedish news agency TT reported. Andreas Carlsson, one of the organizers, told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper "the camp is not political". Nevertheless the camp to be for all ages, with children getting in free to lure young families but one group be unwelcome there: those of non-European descent.

American Nazi Party Hosts Successful Conference In Metro Detroit


The American Nazi Party hosted their two-day national conference in the Detroit Metro Area on July 14-15.

The ANP rented a large conference room at a suburban area recreation center equipped with kitchen facilities and an adequate play area for the children of those who attended. The ANP reports that 47 national socialists showed up; SA personnel monitored the parking lot to deter any trouble and no antifa showed up. Thanks to the efforts of numerous comrades, there was a meal of chicken, several salads, watermelon, pastries, and sodas, along with all the trimmings.

Latvian Patriots Honors the Waffen-SS Divisions That Liberated Riga


Demonstration, timed to coincide with the 71th anniversary of the day that Waffen-SS liberated the capital of Latvia, took place in Riga.

Organizers of the action presented it as an eventto commemorate the end of the Last year (June 17, 1940 - June 22, 1941). About 50 nationalsocialists participated in the procession from the building of "Museum of the Occupationof Latvia" to the Freedom Monument. March slogans were: "No migrants in the living space of the Latvian people", "Latvian people should be armed!" Participants were allocated to the uniform of the nationalsocialist symbols surrounded by national ornament.

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