November 9th, 2013: National Socialist Rally in Kansas City, Missouri


Attention American Patriots, our nation sits on the brink of economic collapse,

while our politicians who are suppose to represent us continue to discuss further amnesty for illegal aliens, leaving our borders wide open, and allowing our nation to drown in a free fall of economic collapse. If you are working for a slaves wage, making barely enough to feed your family, and are tired of seeing the corruption that is crippling our land, the time to get active in this fight is now. We are truly living in a defining moment in American history, one that will be remembered as important as any, in the series of events that led to the American Revolution.

Russian Nationalists Plan Annual March for Nov 4.: 30,000-50,000 Expected


Russian nationalists plan the Russian March in November, marked in Russia as Day of People’s Unity.

More than 30,000 people are expected to participate, Alexander Belov from the Russkiye (Russians) movement said at a news conference on Wednesday. Deputy chairman of the Russian All-People’s Union Party, Ivan Mironov, said his party, “the only registered party of nationalists”, would seek to stage the march in central Moscow. However, organizers say the Moscow Mayor’s Office offers south-eastern Lyublino district as the venue.

Unite Red October: Worldwide Protest Against White Genocide in South Africa


On 10 October 2013 the people of South Africa will stage marches and gatherings across South Africa and the World to let everyone know that we have had ENOUGH!

No longer will we be silent about the oppression of the White South African Ethnic Minority! No longer will we silently endure the killing of our people on our farms and in our towns and cities! We can no longer be silent about the brutal torture of the elderly and defenseless, the mothers, fathers and children of this minority group.

National Socialists Hold Town Hall Meeting in Craig Cobb's White Power Town in North Dakota (video)


Craig Cobb, the man who wants to create a white power town in North Dakota got a show of support.

Members of the National Socialist Movement held a meeting in the tiny town of Leith. But according to a reporter reporter, hundreds of jews, mexicans and negroes came to protest the white power takeover. Emotions were still running high when Craig Cobb and Jeff Schoep made their way into the Leith town hall, but Schoep says he didn’t come to Leith to start a fight. "We are not a hate organization,” said the commander of the NSM.

Over 250 Swedish White Nationalists March in Stockholm (video)


Over 250 people participated in a march calling for an end to third world immigration in Sweden. The chant “Stolt Svensk Nationalist” means “proud Swedish Nationalist.”

The march was organized by the Svenskarnas Parti. The group is denounced as a “neo-nazi group” by the Swedish media. However, the group’s website is extremely popular. ranks it as the 224th most popular website in Sweden. The group says it’s main goal is to preserve Swedes as an ethnic group.

Thousands of Golden Dawners Holds Torch-lit Commemoration of the Battle of Thermopylae (video)


Commander Schoep: National Socialist Movement to visit Craig Cobb's "neo-Nazi Town" in North Dakota


Members of the NSM, along with myself, and other White patriots will be traveling to Leith, ND. around the date of Sept.22nd, to inspect our land, and property there.

In solidarity with our long time friend Craig Cobb, who is currently living in Leith. We will be going there to assist him with getting flag poles up, and other things he may need assistance with. Many of you will remember we announced last year about the aquisition of property in the small town, and currently the media has picked up upon these efforts and are wailing about the creation of what they call "A Nazi town".

Swedish Nationalists Reportedly Battling Muslim Rioters


Following an announcement by the Stockholm chief of police that they were not going to fight the rioters, nationalists in Sweden began organizing patrols.

Muslim immigrants, largely Somalians, have been rioting and setting fires since Sunday night. Reports are being posted online that large numbers of young Swedish men are now patrolling Stockholm and battling with the Muslim rioters. The Swedish media states that a large number of police mobilized to prevent “50 right-wing extremists” from patrolling the streets of Tumba, a suburb of Stockholm.

May Day Clash in Washington: Commie Scum attacked White Patriots in front of White House (video)


„Supremacist”, „Bigot”, „Rayyyyciss” are all words they yell to shut up a White person who has an opinion on race.  Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

After Action Report: NSM National Meeting & Rally in Atlanta, Georgia


The NSM 2013 National Meeting in Atlanta was held April 19th.

The highly anticipated and well attended event went off without a hitch and featured many excellent speakers. NSM members and guests attended from as far away as Europe, and from all over the U.S. NSM Georgia and NSM Region 3 did a great job organizing and setting up the event, and each one of the speakers delivered hammering home the message of National Socialism that will improve and lay the ground work for our continued success here in the Nation.

Report from Ku Klux Klan-Led White Civil Rights Rally in Tennessee


March 30th, 2013. White civil rights rally against the re-naming of three parks in Memphis. 

White civil rights activists, mostly from Klan organizations, were bussed in and showed up at the Shelby County Courthouse; attendance may have been held down by a forecast of rain, which did materialize. Another source, the Memphis Flyer, claims 75 White patriots were present. They started around 2:00 P.M., a half-hour later than expected, and wound things up by 3:20 P.M. Comments appended by others indicate their bullhorns might not have been working; police say the batteries for their bullhorn may have died.

Right Wing Resistance Hosts White Pride March and Rally in New Zealand


On March 23rd, 2013, Right Wing Resistance hosted their annual march and rally for white pride at Abberley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Media reports from 3News and Seven Sharp and the New Zealand Herald claim that 50 white patriots were offset by 100 anti-racist counterprotesters, but Right Wing Resistance (RWR) says that 80 white patriots were present. The rally also enabled RWR to showcase their new black NSM-style uniforms; previously, they wore woodland camo uniforms. Not all the white patriots were from RWR; a few were from Blood & Honour and from the National Front.

Russian TV Report on Remembrance of Latvian Waffen SS Heroes (video)


Thousands of Latvians Honor the Waffen SS at Riga's Liberty Monument


Veterans of the Latvian Waffen SS and their supporters marched in the Latvian capital Riga to honor Latvian Division of the Waffen SS.

This year, the Riga City Council’s first Russian mayor, Nil Ushakov [Nils Ušakovs], banned public gatherings on Legionnaires' Day, in order to "prevent riots". However, the council has allowed the demonstration this year, ruling that such gatherings pose no threat to public safety.  Aleksey Yaroshevsky, who is currently in Latvia, reported that Latvian SS veterans gathered at the freedom monument in Riga.

White Pride March in Wales Passes off Peacefully


Just over 100 Nationalists from various right wing groups, gathered in Swansea to celebrate white pride day UK and to make a stand against the discrimination of white people.

The very fact that this event went ahead is a massive result! Every spanner that could of been thrown in the works by the left, was! Swansea council did every thing to try and stop this event going ahead, even passing information to violent extreme left wing groups. It has to be said the police were very fair and treated us well. yes there was some give and take in the planning but we got there in the end.

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