Sweden: Anti-White Racist Indicted for Attempted Murder after Stabbing Nationalist


Joel Bjurströmer Almgren, 35, has been indicted on suspicion of attempted murder during a confrontation with Nationalists in Kärrtorp.

The “Anti racist” activist is suspected of stabbing a Nationalist twice in the back. His position is that he acted in self-defense to protect demonstrators from the “Nazi’s”, says the man’s lawyer Bjorn Törnell. This week came the first indictment against one of the people on the “left side”. 35-year-old Joel Bjurströmer Almgren, with strong links to the Revolutionary Front, is suspected of attempted murder, alternatively attempted manslaughter.

According to the prosecutor’s summons he allegedly stabbed a 28 year old man twice in the back. He is also suspected of rioting and breach of knife law.

Almgren refused to answer questions  while interviewed by police. He has commented that “the whole thing’s fat embarrassing”.

Asked what he means by it, he replies:

- “That you do perpetrators to victims.”

The prosecutor claims in its indictment that Almgren had  been instrumental in the violent riot. She refers to the text that he has sent confirming his role as instigator. Police found eleven different phones belonging Almgren.

The 35-year-old’s lawyer Bjorn Törnell states that his client admits that he stabbed 28-year-old in the back but that he denies the offense. His position is that he acted in self-defense to protect demonstrators from the “Nazis”, says the lawyer.

(European Daily News)

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