National Socialism Rising: Angry Left-Wingers Protested Against Swedish Resistance Movement


Over 10,000 brainwashed people took to the streets of Stockholm to protest against "Nazism and racism" in a demonstration which had a heavy police presence numbering over 100 officers.

The rally was held in Kärrtorp in the south of capital with numbers swelled by last week's violence after a similar rally in the same place was marred by ugly scenes instigated by "neo-Nazis". Swedish Television (SVT) reported that as many as 16,000 showed up chanting 'no to racism' and to hear speeches from several organizers including members of the left wing party.

 "I'm here to show my support for common people, families with children and for the right to move about in your own neighbourhood," said Spanish tourist Efraim Olalla who attended the rally whilst in Sweden on holiday.

Police had earlier said they were taking "preventive measures" to ensure the rally took place without incident. Last week the police said they didn't have enough officers on the beat when the violence escalated which resulted in several arrests. The police did add that the latest rally had not been the subject of any threats in advance of the march.

"It feels as though the square has been taken back. It shows that there are many of us who believe in democracy and non violence," said Left party leader Jonas Sjöstedt to the TT news agency.

The rally was organised by Line 17 group who held a brief press conference just before midday saying that Sunday's manifestation was more than just a protest against "neo-Nazis" but an "overall rejection of racism" as well as security.

"It is too easy to say 'F you all Nazis,' we must together look at ourselves and understand the power we have in this matter every day," said DJ pair Bianca and Tiffany Kronlöv in a short speech earlier in the day.

Similar antifa marches were held elsewhere in Sweden including Borås, Luleå, Malmö and Motala.

(The Local/pr)

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