Four Members of the Nationalist Slavic Union Shot Dead in Russia


On Tuesday, four former members of the Pan-Slavic Nationalist organization Slavic Union were shot dead on the Egorievsk highway in a suburb of Moscow.

Banned in 2010, Slavic Union, led by Dmitry Dyomushkin, is still considered the most active “ultranationalist” organization in Russia.  Dyomushkin himself visited the scene of the attack, and expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. Russians Alexander Shakirov, age not reported, Alexander Kuzmin, 32, and Kirill Kuzmin, 30, were among the dead. The forth was a Ukrainian native, 25-year-old Ivan Smirnov.

Since the dissolution of Slavic Union, the Nationalists were functioning under the name “Russian.”

The investigation into the murders is on-going, and it does not appear that the authorities have identified any possible suspects.  Though Russian media is reporting that the murders are unrelated to their involvement in the Nationalist movement, they were shot assassination-style, and themselves appeared to be carrying arms, indicating that they expected whoever came for them.

One of the four was still alive when the ambulances showed up, but died shortly after, and was apparently unable to give any information.  Police are claiming that the killers fled in an Audi.

Slavic Union, as well at its successor, Russian, are hardcore National Socialist, having a website featuring extensive Holocaust denial and pro-Hitler material.  Their symbol is a stylized Swastika.

These are pictures of the fallen, who were heavily involved in MMA training as well as arms training and political activism.

We should also take note that these men were Slavic nationalists, rather than nationalists following the individual national borders which have been set up for them by international powers.  From what I am able to gather of their program, they believe the borders of Russia include Belarus and at least the Eastern half of the Ukraine.  Though they believe these territories are a part of Russia, they explicitly state that all minority ethnic groups within the borders of Russia have a right to maintain their own culture and traditions.

They have a strict policy against allowing Jews in their organization, but consider Volga Tatars to be White European people, ethnically very close to Slavs, and thus allow them membership.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

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