British National Socialists Turn Tables on Reds and Shut Down Talk by Marxist Professor


National Action, a National Socialist Youth activist group in the UK led by university students, is making some serious headway.

Recently, they disrupted the propaganda initiative of a Marxist professor...

Witness the tears of the Huffington Post:

    Last month Professor Alex Callinicos, of Kings College London, was due to give a research seminar in French Studies entitled “Deciphering Capital: Marx’s Capital and its Destiny”. The talk was bound to be controversial; Professor Callinicos has been involved with the “Socialist Workers Party”, which has been categorised as being part of the extreme-left in academic literature (here, p.187) and which has also been criticized by some womens’ rights campaigners. As a result, a number of student feminists attended the seminar to protest, holding up placards making allegations relating to criticisms they have of the SWP. According to the University of Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, which published photos of the event, the seminar still went ahead but “… there were way more protesters than people listening to him :)”

But student supporters of National Action, a new, student-led race hate group gatecrashed the protest. Soon after the event, a post appeared on National Action webpage showing a placard from the demonstration with the caption “Protesting … Alex Callinicos speaking at a West Midlands University. Marxists off Campus!”. On a white supremacist web-forum, a National Action student official, writing under the pseudonym “NationalYouth”, boasted“Today, NA activists joined a contingent of students at a university in the West Midlands to disrupt and close down a talk being given by Marxist academic, Alex Callinicos …”. He also recounted that National Action activists had photographed other students attending the event, writing “our activists did get a few photographs inside the room and of him leaving, but they contain other people in them and we’re not really willing to publish them as the university isn’t too happy about having one of its departmental seminars disrupted like this”. Other fascists on the website lined up to praise the action; User “DW” posted “What I find encouraging about this action is to see the Commies own tactics being used against themselves” and user “Celtic 88″ (88 being a numeric reference to HH, Heil Hitler, common in the Nazi scene) congratulated “nice work, NA”. There has also separately been concern about National Action leaflets being found on the Warwick University campus this week.

Of course, the far-right, the BNP and the short-lived Liverpool-based National Culturists, have previously attempted to agitate on campuses. But what is new and threatening about National Action as a phenomenon is the group’s overt, totally unconcealed admiration for Adolf Hitler, its links to the ideology of violent terrorists, and most significantly the advanced, potentially ground-breaking propaganda tactics the group employs.

Everywhere in the world, things are looking up.

Besides in America, of course, where they seem to just get worse and worse by the minute.

National Action flashmob a restaurant serving halal meat. They have also banner dropped a fly-over with the popular ‘Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White’ meme. Their literature promises a steadily increasing public presence through more actions like these.

(Daily Stormer)

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