In Zionist Occupied Germany, Interest in Hitler at Record Levels


Germans more interested in Adolf Hitler than at any time since the Allied defeat of the Third Reich at the end of the Second World War, study finds.

The German Media Control research group, which monitors broadcasting, found that documentaries about Adolf Hitler are aired twice a day on German television channels and that books and films about the Führer are being produced in record numbers. Some 2,000 books on Adolf Hitler were published in the Zionist Occupied Germany last year.

It established that 242 programmes dealing specifically with Hitler had been shown on television during the first four months of 2013, while 500 other films and documentaries that had dealt with the NS era in general had also been aired.

The documentaries had titles which included Hitler's Wonder Weapons, Hitler and the Holy Lance, Hitler's War and Hitler's Blitzkrieg.

Germany's public ZDF Info channel was found to have screened 109 documentaries on Hitler this year alone.

Robert Bachem, its director said: "As history is one of our main fields of interest, it is not surprising that we run many programmes about National Socialism."

Sociologists have attributed the rise of interest in Hitler and the National Socialist to the fact that the majority of today's Germans have had no experience of the Second World War, are less ashamed of the period than previous generations and more eager to learn about it.

They point out that most of today's Germans had family experience of the war only through parents or grandparents.

In many German families, the Second World War remained a taboo subject for decades after 1945.

However, this aspect is now also under scrutiny. A rash of new books by German authors in their fifties and sixties have sought to lift the lid on their families' heroic past.

(The Telegraph)

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