Liberals Freak Out as Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf Appears in Swiss Bookstores


Adolf Hitler’s masterpiece, Mein Kampf, is once again on the shelves of bookstores in Switzerland.

Liberal crybabies are flipping out, screaming like clubbed seals as they claim that the material is “too dangerous” for people to make their own decisions about. Please note that these are the same trolls who claim that anyone should be able to make their own decisions about sick pornography and music, videos and literature which promotes drug abuse. “Free speech” was used as a battering ram to destroy traditional Christian society, but when it promotes traditional Christian society, it must be squelched.

From the Local:

“How can the works on the origin of the Holocaust, written by the instigator of the worst horrors, be found on bookstore shelves?” asked lawyer and Geneva President of the League against Racism and Anti-Semitism, Philippe Kenel.

Yet according to booksellers, there is still demand for the controversial book, which was written by the Nazi leader in the 1920s, before his rise to power. Unlike in Germany, the book is not banned from sale in Switzerland.

“Last year we sold more than 30,” bookseller Frederic Greffet told online news site Le Matin.

“The book is available in any case, whether on order or in stock,” Greffet said. “Customers were asking us regularly. It does not change much whether it is seen or not.”

The director of bookshop Payot, Pascal Vandenberghe, said he believed it should be up to the reader to make his or her mind up about its contents and pointed out that there is an eight-page warning at the beginning.

“The duty of the bookseller is not to censor or spread propaganda,” said shop owner, Françoise Berclaz. “This book is part of history. How can we judge and form an opinion on what happened if we do not have access to it? “

(Daily Stormer)

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