Poll Shows 44% of Greeks are Against Banning the "neo-Nazis"


Many Greeks are watching closely the efforts of the State to ban us.

They saw how ridiculous the accusations are, how the “blood enemies”(communists and capitalists) cooperated in voting for both the fund cuts and the arrests of six of our MPs, how nonsensical the “evidence” is and now they want to know not only the truth, but also what is the most logical opinion they can adopt.

But the unaware sheeple that get brainwashed by the directed TV news reports aren’t aware of the truth and the only factor that affects their opinion is the well-paid propagators of the Media. Those people are hearing all the time about a “weapons cache that has been found”, but they ignore the fact that no cache has been found or ever will be, because it doesn’t exist! He ignores the fact that the “journalists” follow guidelines and are lying to create impressions, knowing that they will never be prosecuted for those lies by the status quo.


Public Issue poll results for ‘Editor’s Newspaper’.

The company “Public Issue” released their latest research for their current client, the “Editors’ Newspaper”. The numbers are sure to terrify the System. A huge percentage of Greeks, almost double that of the usual percentage of the voters of Golden Dawn, are aware of the charade and want for it to end. Whether they agree or disagree with the Social Nationalists, they are aware of the change we have brought, and they want them to remain as a Third Force at least, opposing both the Right of New Democracy and the Left of Syriza.


Support for Golden Dawn has increased since the arrests of democratically elected members of the party.

It seems that more and more Greeks are becoming aware of the reality regarding Golden Dawn, and this fact couldn’t be covered up even by the “Editors’ Newspaper” that was at the forefront of the lies against the Movement. 44% of the Greeks are aware of the lies and demand the prosecutions to stop!

Further analysis shows that 43% of the New Democracy voters believe Golden Dawn is a legal political party, and 48% of SYRIZA’s voters are against the unlawful bans. Only the pathetic supporters of PASOK are left demanding the eradication of the Golden Dawn!


(Golden Dawn International News Room)

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