"The Rise of the Greek Nazis": New Judeo Propaganda against Golden Dawn (VIDEO)


60 Minutes Australia, broadcast on a well known Zionist channel has produced a new segment targeted at the wider Australian population to defame Greeks and the Golden Dawn.

The piece starts out with the usual jabbering about swastikas and Hitler, among other things completely unrelated to modern Greek society, in order to create the impression that Golden Dawn actions are an attempt to resurrect Nazi Germany rather than a living breathing national liberation movement of the Greek people. The lies and distortions are obvious for all to see.

 To understand the nature of this propaganda, it is important first to understand the history of Australia and its demographic changes over the last 30 years.

Australia up until the 1990s was almost entirely European, and unlike the United States the ethnic composition of Europeans was vastly different than the US. The overwhelming majority of the population was of British origin with the remaining being minorities of Greeks, Italians and other European Immigrants. From around 1950 to 1990 Greeks were considered some of the most “Exotic” to the “Anglo” majority. Ethnic racism and discrimination against Greeks was rampant and it was not uncommon for Greeks and other Europeans of a non Anglo origin to be called “Wogs”, an ethnic slur towards them.

While Anglo-Jewish Alliances were well documented long before the Second World War, the multicultural and zionist brainwashing arrived to the Australians significantly later than in the US and in a much less gradual form. In the span of  2 decades Anglos who once expressed overt dislike and prejudice for Greeks became loyal adherents to the ideal of “Multiracial” Australia.

The once bigoted “Anglo-Australians” seemed to forget all about the Greeks, eased the prejudice entirely and focused on the new Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants.  However instead of being prejudice towards them as they had to the Greek Immigrants a short time earlier, suddenly, almost like magic they embraced them. They embraced their food and language, race-mixing rates skyrocketed and the new arrivals were seen as the start of a new era of high culture for the land down under. Greeks became much less “exotic” in the mainstream society and were integrated more into it.

Now a younger generation of Anglos has grown up and is now reaching career age, journalists such as the one in this video interviewing Ilias Panagiotaros understand that in order to get ahead in Australian society, one must be loyal to the cause of Zionism and to the ideal of being a rootless cosmopolitan. While this woman likely had grandparents who were completely racist towards any and all non-anglos, her new found moral superiority is tinged with the “White-Guilt” complex common in these countries.

So while Greeks are becoming increasingly concerned with their homeland being taken over by Islamic invaders, she sees any resistance to that as a type of low intelligence and an irrational xenophobia. In her mind, embracing rootless cosmopolitanism and national extinction is the “morally correct” thing to do. As a result, Greek Nationalism, and by extension the Greeks have once again become an accepted target of prejudice from the Anglo-Judeo society there. While her ancestors some decades ago may have been disliking Greeks because of their loud demeanor or foreign language, she dislikes Greeks today because they have not embraced or shared her commitment to destroying their own cultural identity for the good of “multiculturalism’.

The next aspect is of course the wording used by the producers of the segment for her to parrot. The most emphasized is the phrase “And all of this is happening, in the country that gave birth to democracy.”

Not only do they want to defame Greeks, they also want to rewrite our history and pretend what they call “democracy” is something Greek. What they call “democracy” is in fact a fallacy, and it’s roots are based in the English parliamentary system, and not ancient Greece. Furthermore ancient Greek democracy never permitted foreigners citizenship and had regulations that would be considered “fascist” by any media figure today.

They also try to pretend that “democracy” was the only political theory or form of government in Greece, ignoring the fact that the overwhelming majority of Greek history was led by monarchies, military regimes and even social nationalism in Sparta. They deliberately hide the truth about our great nation in order to slander Golden Dawn and paint it as some kind of world war II reenactment of Germany rather than a political philosophy with roots dating back thousands of years.

One final thing to note from this piece, is the lack of any kind of solution or suggestion for the Greeks to follow as an alternative to Golden Dawn.  The message is simply, do not resist, pay the austerity, embrace the “democracy” and let them take whatever they want, otherwise you are a “Nazi”.

But despite what they say, our national awakening is not due to desperation or merely economic in nature. It is due to the fundamental understanding of what it means to be Greek, and how many before us gave their lives for our beloved Hellas. Hellenism is worth fighting for. That is something that perhaps these rootless foreigners who have already sold their souls may never understand.

(Golden Dawn New York Division)

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