British Nationalists Arrested Simply for Planning Protest


It could not be more obvious that the British have been over run by a bunch of subversive Marxists.

A group of patriotic British nationalists were arrested simply for planning a protest outside of the office of subversive MP Luciana Berger. This woman recently got the British government to arrest nationalist Garron Helm because he identified her as a "Jewess" on the Internet. This has created a great deal of anger towards her prompting these young men to rightly protest the insanity of the situation.

Apparently having Helm arrested was not enough as we now see the Marxists in the British government arrest people for simply protesting these subversive Jews. Clearly, free speech does not exist in Britain.

Below is a blurb from a biased anti-British article that the Liverpool Echo published describing the situation. The article also references the Daily Stormer’s trolling campaign against Luciana Berger with wild claims that Berger’s life is at risk. They disabled the comments section probably because most of the comments were anti-Jew and pro-nationalist.

From Liverpool Echo:

Police raided the homes of suspected Merseyside neo-Nazis after thwarting an anti-Semitic protest outside the office of Jewish MP Luciana Berger.

The ECHO can today expose the far right activists who were arrested after organising a demonstration to support online troll Garron Helm.

While police have not confirmed the activity, we can today reveal details of the online community which openly discussed the vile campaign targeting the Labour MP.

Since Helm was jailed white supremacists have waged a coordinated war against Ms Berger, with American Andrew Anglin, owner of The Daily Stormer, advising followers how to abuse her online in a campaign called ‘Operation; Filthy Jew B****’.

There are now serious concerns over her safety, and the ECHO understands Metropolitan Police are investigating hundreds of vile messages sent to the MP.

Labour leader Ed Miliband urged websites like Facebook and Twitter to crack down on perpetrators of “sickening abuse”.

And John Mann MP, chairman of a parliamentary anti-Semitism group, suggested introducing ASBO-like “internet banning orders” in a House of Commons debate.

(Daily Slave)

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