Golden Dawn Candidate Polling in First in Most Populous Greek Province


The Greek newspaper  “Acropolis” has revealed a new poll showing Golden Dawn Governor Candidate Elias Panagiotaros will win 24% of the vote in Attica!

Note to foreign readers: Attica is the most populated province of Greece (comparable to a state) containing the major cities of Athens and Pireaus. Immense controversy and panic has erupted within circles of the systematic left and right, with Golden Dawn’s candidate leading in opinion polls in yet another important region of Greece.  Acropolis hired academic pollsters to conduct a telephone survey, who then broke the news.

The political persecutions against Golden Dawn are having the opposite affect that the system is hoping for, as the Greek people realize the true nature of corruption in the system that governs them. Judging from new leaks about a new crackdown against more Golden Dawn members, it’s becoming more and more obvious to the people that this is about preventing nationalist candidates from exercising their constitutional rights…because they will win if they’re allowed to.

Golden Dawn’s Panagiotaros is in first place in the poll, followed by the well-publicized SYRIZA pop-celebrity Dourou at 19%.

A full list is as follows:

Dourou 19%
Sgouros 15%
Nikolopoulos 13%
Pachatouridis 7%
Pafilis 6.5%
Chaikalis 1.5%

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