Meteoric Rise of White Nationalism: Golden Dawn is Now the Most Popular Party in Greece


The poll group, which was the only one who predicted the real results of Golden Dawn in the 2012 Greek elections, Zougla.gr, unveiled a poll showing Golden Dawn is now the most popular party in Greece!

The Greek media has been attempting to show doctored polls as of late, alleging that these are “proof” of Golden Dawn’s falling popularity. What these polls all seem to have in common however, is the very large number of undecided voters who refuse to answer.

The reason for this is that these fake polls are taken via telephone, and in the current climate of illegal imprisonment and terrorism against Golden Dawn supporters many average citizens are afraid to give their real beliefs to strangers who know their phone number and profile them demographically.

What makes zougla.gr polls unique is that they are taken via internet, with catches in place to correct fraud.

The following tables present the meteoric rise of the Golden Dawn and the commanding lead the People’s Nationalist movement holds in preparation for the upcoming European and Municipal elections.  Golden Dawn leader N. Michaloliakos has increased substantially in popularity, and other research shows a mass exodus of New Democracy voters to the Nationalist alternative.  (1 in 3 ND voters are spitting on Samaras and becoming supporters of Golden Dawn).

The party of Samaras has been suffering unprecedented desertion and lack of voter confidence, here is the zougla.gr chart outlining so:

At this point, New Democracy is on its way to becoming the next PASOK (who we won’t be talking about for much longer, after they polled in at 1.5%), as its base dissolves with 30.9% of voters coming to Golden Dawn. Every attempt to unfairly persecute the People’s Nationalists, every lie and defamation, the Greek people are paying them back in full.

The last part of the poll was important as well. In terms of the view of who would make the best political leader, Golden Dawn’s Michaloliakos, in spite of being illegally incarcerated and deprived of public discourse, is third most popular, barely a few percentage points away from Tsipras and Samaras.

It is only a matter of time until the Memorandum’s junta collapses and the new dawn of Hellenism arises. No matter what they do, May is coming!

Latest Results:
Golden Dawn : 27.1%
SYRIZA: 23.8%
New Democracy: 11.1%

(XA Ameriki)

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