UK: White Nationalist Gets 16 Month Prison Sentence for Speech Crimes


Speech crimes are making an absolute mockery of the law.

There are rapists and killers who have been given less of a prison sentence than Lewis Foulds has, and all he did was say some mean words. So he is not allowed to make jokes, not allowed to speak the truth, and not allowed to tell people his political views, because if he does, he should expect to be locked up. What a wonderful free country modern Britain is.

From Leicester Mercury:

A judge has jailed a racist who insulted a bus driver and a security guard.

Jailed! For insulting someone! Nobody would have believed anything like this could ever happen just two decades ago. Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’? As a child we use to sing those words as a retaliation to people who were trying to insult us. Now, if you are a member of a privileged minority you can just order the Police to arrest the taunter and lock them up for a year and a half.

Lewis Nigel Foulds, who was told his “disgraceful” views would not be tolerated in Leicester, began shouting and swearing at Judge Simon Hammond as he was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

The 21-year-old, who appeared via a live television link between Leicester Crown Court and Leicester Prison, had to be restrained by guards and removed from the video-link room.

Sentencing, Judge Hammond said: “Leicester is a multi-cultural society and people in Leicester are proud of that and work hard to promote it. There’s no place in British society for people like this defendant, who holds disgraceful, disgusting views and adopts disgraceful conduct.

‘There is no place in Britain for anyone who has a different view to the one they have been told to have by us’.

“People are entitled to go about their business without having racial insults thrown at them.

People should be entitled to say whatever they like, it is not like this man has used physical violence or anything, all he has done is said how he feels.

Not something that exists any more in modern Britain.

“People who have racist views, and behave in a racist manner and insult people with their racist views, must expect custody.”

So if you think differently and disagree with the White genocide agenda, you should expect to be locked up? How does that sit with free speech and ‘democracy’ when 80% of the country want all immigration to stop?

Foulds, formerly of Hazeldine Road, Hamilton, Leicester, told the judge: “You’re just making me worse.”

After his outburst, Judge Hammond said to the court: “We have just seen him storm out of the prison video-link room. He came back in and was abusive and swore. He was violent and was removed.”

The court heard that at 1pm on March 25, Foulds was on a bus in Keyham Lane, Leicester, which was being driven by a Sikh driver.

There were two female passengers on the bus.

Foulds told the women: “I bet the driver eats pork.”

He began to chant racist comments, claiming Muslim people were paedophiles, and also announced: “I’m a racist and a fascist and proud of it.”

Lewis Foulds is third from the right in this picture.

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer

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