Jews of Greece Bans "Holocaust Denial," Cracks Down on "Hate Speech"


In a measure openly and admittedly aimed directly at the Golden Dawn, the Zionist Occupation Government passed a bill outlawing the denial of the so-called "holocaust". The bill also contains measures for prosecuting “hate speech” against other privileged groups, such as the invading hordes of immigrants who rob the Greek people on the street constantly.

The Jews could not be more thrilled.


“This comes very late, but not too late,” World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer told JTA.

Greece’s parliament passed the bill Tuesday following more than a year of political wrangling.

Riding a wave of fear and despair brought on by Greece’s devastating economic crisis — coupled with a large influx of illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia — Golden Dawn emerged from obscurity in 2012 to become the country’s third largest political party, with 18 members of parliament.

Golden Dawn, which uses Nazi imagery, has been blamed by the government, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies for hundreds of xenophobic attacks. The incidents include the killings of at least four Pakistani immigrants and the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, a noted anti-fascist Greek rapper known as Killah P.

The new law increases jail time to three years for instigating racist violence and imposes fines of up to 26,000 euros (about $34,000) for individuals and up to 100,000 euros (about $130,000) for groups convicted of “inciting acts of discrimination, hatred or violence.” It also criminalizes denial of the Holocaust and other recognized genocides, with the same penalties.

In a move that will allow the government to target political groups like Golden Dawn, organizations found to incite racism can be barred from receiving state funds. However, the law cannot be applied retroactively.

Anti-racism laws dating back to 1979 did not provide for prosecuting groups or parties that incited bias crimes. They also barred police from investigating suspected hate crimes if the victim chose not to press charges.

“We have anti-racism laws already, but the reason they were not applied was that immigrants, for example, were afraid to report the crimes because they did not hold proper travel documents, lived here illegally and feared deportation,” Justice Minister Haralambos Athanasiou told parliament ahead of the debate on the legislation.

Even as the persecution intensifies, Golden Dawn remains the third biggest party in Greece, with support continuing to grow.

It will take more than hoax-confirming legislation to stop them.

Hail Golden Dawn.

(Daily Stormer)

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