Looking for Neo-Nazis? There's an App for That!


One of the key beliefs of the left-wing is that anyone who disagrees with the government must be shut down.

To this end, the local government of Berlin has cooperated other anti-speech allies to create a smartphone app that allows left-wing extremists to hunt down those who disagree with the government and silence their speech. “Are they really Nazis?” “We don’t know lol we don’t even have a definition of that term – but as the old Hebrew saying goes ‘when in doubt, shut it down.'”

Global Post:

Gegen Nazis (Against Nazis) uses digital mapping to publicize information about right-wing extremist demonstrations and counter-protests.

The free app informs people where and when such events are taking place in their neighborhoods.

“It also lets you know where there are planned protests against these demonstrations so users can show their faces in solidarity with refugees, against racism and against anti-Semitism,” says Jessica Zeller, project manager at Berlin Against Nazis.

A collaboration between Berlin’s city government and the Association for Democratic Culture in Berlin, the app works by aggregating data from the Berlin Against Nazis’ Twitter, Facebook and website to plot the routes of far-right demos and counter-protests.

Right-wing protests are shown in brown — the color most associated with Nazism thanks to Adolf Hitler’s brown shirts — on city maps, while routes for protests against Nazis are in orange. Push notifications on users’ phones alert them to new developments in real time.

Among the app’s main targets, the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), Germany’s largest neo-Nazi organization, has five lawmakers in the parliament of the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

But Gegen Nazis also takes aim at other groups.

“We’re not calling everyone Nazis,” Zeller says. “What counts is what people say in their demonstrations and what they stand for — not direct affiliations with NPD.”

Another group on the Gegen Nazis radar is Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, popularly known as Pegida, whose demonstrations in the eastern German city of Dresden have been gaining support in recent weeks.

(Daily Stormer)

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