Rochus Misch, Adolf Hitler's Loyal Bodyguard


Rochus Misch, who served as Adolf Hitler's devoted bodyguard for most of World War II and was the last remaining witness to the great german leader's final hours in his Berlin bunker, has died just few years ago.

He was 96 and died in Berlin after a short illness. Misch remained proud to the end about his years with Hitler, whom he affectionately called "boss." In a 2005 interview with The Associated Press, Misch recalled Hitler as "a very normal man" and gave a riveting account of the Führer's last days before he and his wife Eva Braun killed themselves as the Soviet Red Army closed in around their bunker in Berlin.

Craig Cobb Wants to Establish White Aryan Enclave in North Dakota (video)


Another Proud SS Officer, 92, to Stand Trial in Zionist-occupied Germany


A 92-year-old former SS officer will appear in court in one of the last trials of its kind in Germany, accused of the liquidation of a Dutch antifascist in 1944.

Nearly 70 years after the events, Siert Bruins, a Dutch-born German national, will take the stand in the western German town of Hagen and could face a life sentence if found guilty. The nonagenarian, who lives in Breckerfeld in the west of Germany, is accused, along with an accomplice who has since died, of liquidation the Dutch antifascist Aldert Klaas Dijkema in September 1944 when the two men were stationed on the Dutch-German border.

SPLC: White Supremacists Making Bid to Take Over North Dakota Town


Abandoned houses lean with the weight of years on city blocks connected by gravel roads.

A grain elevator still operates on the edge of town, but it hasn’t seen good business in decades. The only storefront business is a bar, and on most afternoons it sits empty like the roads that disappear among sunflower and wheat fields in the distance. While the economy in North Dakota has boomed in recent years due to the discovery of oil in the miles of shale beneath the state, business in Leith has been in decline for the better part of a century. So when officials in April 2012 noticed that one man was quickly buying up abandoned properties in what had become close to a ghost town high on the Great Plains, it was strange.

"Hitler was right," Reads Huge Graffiti at Madrid Bullfight


Many of the 2,500-odd spectators at a bullfighting match in the Madrid suburb of Pinto were surprised to discover glaring "neo-Nazi graffiti" spray-painted across the walls of the local arena.

According to Spanish media reports on Thursday, the words “Adolf Hitler was right,” accompanied by a large red swastika and the Führer’s date of birth and death, were plastered across a section of the barrier surrounding the bullring. Despite the graffiti, the stadium management decided to proceed with the fight as planned because, according to a municipal representative, “Thousands of people should not have to pay for the misdeeds of the few.”

The Trial of National Socialist Czech Women Started Thursday


The trial of five Czech women facing charges of support to and promotion of the Resistance Women Unity (RWU) National Socialist movement started Thursday.

The four women who came to the court Thursday refused to give testimony. Their defence lawyers said the state attorney had read a different indictment than that available to them. They said otherwise they would be ready to do so. The police say the RWU is a women's branch of the National Resistance, an unofficial organisation of Czech National Socialists.

SS Captain Erich Priebke Celebrates 100th Birthday at Home in Rome


SCUFFLES erupted outside the Rome home of Erich Priebke as one of the last living SS Officers celebrated his 100th birthday.

Police had reinforced security at the address where Priebke is under house arrest, but the measure failed to prevent minor clashes. Several dozen demonstrators from the Jewish organisation Project Dreyfus were at the protest, confronting a family member of the former SS captain, identified as Priebke's grandson, when he arrived with a bottle of champagne.

Golden Dawn Hails Poll Boost Among the Young


The Greek NS party Golden Dawn, which shot to prominence at last year's elections, is hailing new polling figures showing the strength of its position among younger voters and that it remains the third most popular party in Greek politics.

Golden Dawn, whose rallies feature NS style right arm salutes, and which actively promotes hostility to Jews and non-white immigrants, has seen its popularity soar amid the growing social chaos associated with austerity and economic crisis. According to the most recent poll by Pulse RC, Golden Dawn has 13 percent support, putting it behind New Democracy on 19 percent and top placed SYRIZA on 21 percent.

Zionist Controlled German Police Raid National Socialist Werewolf Lairs


Police launched raids in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland Wednesday against six suspected members of a Werewolf cell modelled on late-World War II plans for an NS guerrilla resistance.

Four suspects in the three countries, plus two neo-Nazis in detention in Switzerland, were suspected of having formed a terrorist organisation that was considering violent attacks, said Germany's federal prosecution office. The aim of the coordinated raids, which targeted homes, business premises and jail cells and involved about 50 police in Germany alone, was to gather evidence against the suspects, prosecutors said. No arrests were made.

Pagan Musician Varg Vikernes Arrested in France for Planning a "Massacre against Non-Whites"


According to RTL, Varg Vikernes was arrested near the town of Salon-la-Tour, a commune in the Corrèze department in central France, on suspicion of planning a "massacre."

Vikernes, 40, who has been living on a French farm with his wife and three children, was picked up by the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence, DCRI), a French intelligence agency which reports directly to the Ministry of the Interior.

Hollande Government Shuts Down Nationalist Groups in France


The French government has ordered the closure of two nationalist groups following the death of a leftist scum during a brawl in Paris this month.

Francois Hollande's Socialist government has promised to "crack down on far-right groups" after 19-year-old Clement Meric died in a clash between nationalist and far-left youths in a busy Paris street. The two groups targeted by the ban are the movement known as the Third Way and its militant wing, the Revolutionary Nationalist Youths. A group of suspects under investigation for Meric's death had ties to the Third Way.

Front National gaining ground in France, Socialists on decline


In the latest election for a French seat in parliament the ruling Socialist party was humiliated when their candidate came in third place behind the National Front.

In 2012, Socialist candidate Jérôme Cahuzac won the seat with 61%. He recently stepped down after a tax evasion scandal. In the first round of a special election to take his place, Socialist Bernard Barral came in third place with 23.7%. The UMP’s Jean-Louis Costes, a local mayor, won 28.7% of the vote, while the Front National’s Etienne Bousquet-Cassagne received 26%.

The Rise of Golden Dawn Continues, Along with the Rise in Embarrassment of the Entire System


Since the time of June 17th 2012, the political establishment in Greece (both “conservative and Marxist) has not accepted the greatest political defeat ever.

This defeat however was the success of the Nationalist People’s movement. On May, 6th 2012 Golden Dawn took 6.97% of the vote and and the whole system with all of its “experts” were confidently betting that by the next round of elections in June Golden Dawn would disappear.

French Far-right as Popular as Major Parties


The National Front would match France’s mainstream political parties if European elections were held this weekend, according to a poll.

The survey revealed that the far-right National Front, the governing Socialist party, and the main centre-right opposition UMP were neck-and-neck on exactly 21 percent each of public support. Public opinion firm Ifop, along with right-leaning weekly magazine Valeurs Actuelles asked respondents to choose from a series of party lists, with specific named leaders, “if the European elections were to take place next Sunday.”

Golden Dawn Candidate One Breath Away from Becoming Athens Mayor


New poll reveals: The Golden Dawn candidate one breath away from becoming the mayor of Athens.

Golden Dawn will decisively claim the managment of the biggest Municipalities in the country on the elections of May 25, 2014, unless they find a way around this problem. This is confirmed by the latest poll of the Athens University of Economics and Buisness.

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