Swiss Coffee Cream with Adolf Hitler on the Label Causes Jewish Outrage


Swiss retailer Migros forced to apologize for coffee cream with the faces of Hitler and Mussolini.

Migros said it "offered its excuses for this unforgivable incident" and that it was in the process of withdrawing the small pots of cream from cafes to which they had been delivered. Labels from mini cream pots have cult following in Switzerland, with manufacturers feeding the passion of collectors by releasing regular new editions.

The plastic pots were not on sale in the Migros network, but served to customers who ordered white coffee at about a hundred restaurants and cafes among retail giant's business clients.

Migros said "one of its subsidiaries, milk company ELSA, had been responsible for supplying the cream and that its internal control procedures had been insufficient".

The designs were developed by Karo, a firm which specializes in cream pots, and were part of a 55-label series based on vintage cigar bands. Among them were cigar bands from the pre-World War II era which showed the faces of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

(The Local)

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