Diversity Arrived in Britain: Illegal Mexican Killed Pregnant Girlfriend Before Raping Her Corpse


Reading stories like this, I become overly filled-up with joy as to the enrichment brought upon us by this grand program of multiculturalism, and I bow down and thank the Jews for giving us the privilege to have such magnificent enriching events taking place in our society.

 From the Bristol Post:

An illegal immigrant, high on drugs, throttled his girlfriend – and then raped her as she lay dying in her Bristol home.

Sergio Novarette had repeatedly attacked Sarah O’Neill over a period of months after she let him move in to her house in Speedwell, Bristol Crown Court heard.

The 22-year-old mother-of-one also miscarried as she died in a pool of blood.

Novarette, 27, admitting violently killing her in the middle of the night after she told him to leave her home on January 8.

He was living in the UK illegally after coming to the country from Mexico in December 2012 and had a long history of alcoholism.

Sarah had taken him in last year, as he was unable to earn money legally.

But he had slowly turned on her, lashing out several times before eventually killing her.

Sarah died from her injuries, and the court heard how Novarette had sex with her either at the time of death or shortly afterwards, before leaving her body in the bedroom.

He had taken horse tranquilliser Ketamine and only called police the following morning, when he still under the influence of the drug.

This morning, Sarah’s brother looked on in court as Novarette was sent down for a minimum of 26 years by Mr Justice Blake.

Adam Vaitilingam, prosecuting, said: “The defendant arrived in the UK around New Year 2013. By the time of the death of Sarah O’Neill he had become an overstayer.

“He had met Sarah at the Bearpit in the middle of 2013. He began a sexual relationship with her, and moved into her flat.

“There is evidence of violence within the relationship, and one neighbour said she called round to the flat to see Sarah last year, and found that she had been crying and had red marks around her throat.

“Sarah also told a friend that the defendant would have sex with her even when she told him no.”

The court heard that Sarah, who had been living in Rose Green Close since June 2011 and had a 21-month-old son by an ex partner, fell pregnant again by Novarette in the later months of 2013.

She had met him earlier in the year and taken him into her flat, and Novarette was completely dependent on her for shelter and food.

“Sarah’s last text message was to her friend, saying that the defendant was leaving in the morning.”

But instead of leaving, Novarette beat her around the face and choked her, leaving her lying nearly naked on her bloodied bed.

He wrote in Spanish in red pen on the headboard: “Die bitch.”

An examination of her body found she had fractures to her face suggesting multiple forced blows. A further examination suggested the defendant had sex with her either as she was dying or shortly afterwards.

She died of a combination choking on her own blood and neck compression.

Novarette was drunk at the time of the murder, and was still heavily intoxicated when he called the police the next morning and told them he had killed his girlfriend.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, Sarah’s mother Vivian O’Neill said: “At a time like this words are hard to find. We are heartbroken and devastated at the loss of Sarah.

“I am taking medication for the grief and anxiety.”

Vivian also described how she was unable to live a normal life after the murder, and how she was unable to look after her own elderly parents.

Sarah’s murder was investigated by the major crime investigation team. Speaking after the court hearing, Detective Inspector Julie Mackay said: “The attack on Sarah was a savage one which left her with horrific injuries. It was the worst kind of betrayal from a man who out of kindness she continued to allow to share her home despite them recently separating.

“Sarah’s murder has torn her family apart and I know that it will take them a long, long time to adjust to a life without Sarah in it. I hope that the significant sentence handed to Novarette gives them some comfort and helps them to continue rebuilding their lives.”

(Daily Stormer)

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