Israelis on Facebook Wish Death for Holocaust Survivors Who Condemn Massacre of Palestinians


Nope, it’s not The Onion.

A few days ago some 300 Holocaust survivors placed an ad in the New York Times condemning the massacre in Gaza. My colleague from Local Call, John Brown, has selected a few of the responses on Facebook that Israelis posted in response to the ad.

Germans Say Islam Doesn’t Belong in Germany


A majority of Germans have rejected former President Christian Wulff’s famous statement that “Islam is now also a part of Germany”,

with 52 percent against the idea. Just 44 percent of people surveyed by the Forsa opinion institute for Stern magazine agreed with the former head of state that Islam was part of Germany. However, a second question asking how people thought Germany should deal with hostility to Muslims found that 53 percent of people believed that it should be treated as seriously as anti-Semitism.

"Diverse and Multicultural" Little Belgium is Europe's Largest Exporter of Jihadis


Despite Belgium's small size, per capita it is sending the most jihadis from Europe to Syria.

Its experience may teach the UK about the recruitment and 'rescue' of jihadis. Belgium has had the largest number of jihadis leave to fight in the Syrian civil war, out of any country in western Europe, on a per capita basis. Channel 4 News has learned that as of yesterday 399 Belgians had left the country of just 11 million people to join jihad, according to Pieter Van Ostaeyen, a Belgian expert on jihadis.

Ferguson Race Riots: Donations on White Police Officer's Gofundme Page hit $100,000


Donations for the police officer who shot a black thug in Ferguson, Missouri have reached over $100,000 as support for him continues.

Racial tensions have been heightened in the area since the thug’s death, where the residents are predominately black and the police force, political leadership and public education are largely white. Negro witnesses say Michael Brown, 18, was shot with "his hands in the air in a position of surrender", while police claim officer Wilson shot him during an altercation.

Jew Supremacist: "Neo-Nazis on the Rise in Europe, Jews and Minorities Must Take Action"


Europe’s woeful economic struggles have resulted in Neo-Nazis and National Front parties gaining a shocking amount of seats in the EP.

Should Jews be concerned that a limp European economy might result in Neo-Nazis sweeping Europe’s next election? Obviously Jews need to gauge the progress of Europe’s economy and the impending uprising in their midst. Passports should be up to date, and excess funds moved to safer shores. Israel might prudently prepare for an influx of European Jews.

White Genocide Accelerates in New Zealand


The New Zealand Herald published an article about how the suburban area around Auckland, known as Mt Roskill, has become less White since the 90′s.

The White working class area used to be known as the bible-belt of New Zealand, but changes to the immigration system in the 1990′s meant that Australian and British immigrants were put to the bottom of the list in favor of non-White immigrants, specifically Asians and Indians. Today, the statistics show that nearly 60% of Mt Roskill’s residents are Asian, and about 15% are White.

Muslim Terrorists Demands Islamic State in Downtown Oslo


Islamist group, Ansar al-Sunna, is threatening that if a section of the nation’s capitol isn’t transformed into a sharia-complaint Muslim nation,

an attack rivaling 9/11 will be launched upon the Scandinavian nation. “We do not want to be a part of Norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody.

Oy Vey: Hamas TV Broadcasts Call to "Exterminate" all the Jews


Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV has issued a broadcast featuring a Hamas cleric openly calling for the genocide of the Jewish people,

watchdog group, Palestinian Media Watch reports on Friday. The broadcast will cause consternation among anti-Israel groups who portray Hamas as a resistance movement, despite the group's long-standing charter which also calls for death to the Jews.

Jew-run SPLC freaks out as "KKK Raising Money for Police Officer Who Shot African-American Teen"


The one thing the racially charged and besieged city of Ferguson, Mo. does not need or want to add to the combustible mix of rubber bullets,

snarling police dogs and clouds of tear gas that have filled its streets for three days is the Ku Klux Klan. But the Klan is climbing atop the powder keg that Ferguson has become following the police killing of a black thug last Saturday. The South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says its Missouri chapter is raising money for the still unidentified white police officer who shot the black Michael Brown.

Filthy Jew Tranny says Europe can’t Criticize Jew Baby Killing because White Man Colonized Africa


A sickening Jew tranny has come out and attack European people for questioning the mass murder of infants by the parasitical Jew bloodsuckers.


Dana International, who was recently featured on YouTube dancing in a synagogue, issued a firmly-worded statement aimed at Israel’s critics. She said: “You need to shut your mouths, you have murdered millions and millions of people throughout history.

Two More New York Infants Get Herpes From Controversial Jewish Circumcision Rite


Two more infants in New York City have tested positive for herpes following a controversial circumcision rite.

Both babies are believed to have contracted the disease following metzitzah b’peh, a ritual in which the circumciser places his lips on the infant’s penis to suction blood from the circumcision wound. New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene sent a health alert to doctors July 22 warning of the suspected cases. In the first case, the baby had pustular lesions on the penis and genital area. He tested positive for herpes and was admitted to hospital for intravenous treatment.

Defiant Hamas Posts “Collage of Dead Jews” on Twitter


The Palestinians of Gaza continue to remain defiant in the face of an ongoing genocide at the hands of the Jews,

coming out with a taunting online post that has riled hook-nosed parasites across the world. A Twitter account linked to Hamas recently released a piece titled, “Dead Jew Collage,” a compilation of the baby-killing Israeli soldiers officially listed as “killed in action” during the month-long conflict.

UK: Left-Wing Economist Admits Mass Immigration is “Mostly Negative”


Professor Robert Rowthorn, a Professor of Economics at Cambridge University in England and self-professed marxist,

has admitted that mass immigration damages the UK, and all contributions to the economy they make are “unlikely to be very large“. Rowthorn, who conducted a report for think-tank Civitas, found that there may be no economic benefits gained from immigration at all. The effects of mass immigration “are mostly negative for the existing population of the UK and their descendants” he said.

Jews Cry 6,000,000 Tears over Norwegian Cartoon Depicting their Sick Circumcision Ritual


Jewish groups on Wednesday sharply condemned Norway’s third-largest paper, Dagbladet, for publishing a cartoon that one group said was “so virulently anti-Semitic it would make Hitler and Himmler weep tears of joy.”

In the cartoon, printed by the paper on Tuesday and meant to oppose the Jewish ritual of circumcising baby boys, the mother of a Jewish child is seen holding a blood-soaked Torah while saying, “Mistreating? No this is tradition, an important part of our belief!”

United Kaliphate: White Britons Barred from Cinema Hall for not Being Muslim


The Birmingham site bosses promise investigation as customers claim they were turned away because they weren't celebrating Islamic festival Eid.

Furious cinemagoers say they were turned away from a busy Vue complex because they weren't Muslim. Leon Jennings, 22, had been visiting Birmingham's Star City entertainment complex with two other friends. But as he tried to enter the Vue Cinema on the site, which includes dozens of bars and licenced restaurants, he said he was turned away by a burly security guard.

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