Golden Dawn Leader Michaloliakos Publishes Defense in Greek Paper


Article of the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, published in the Newspaper “Empros” Translated by Golden Dawn New York.

The dirty political games behind the blatant political persecution of Golden Dawn... No! There is not even the slightest doubt that the government officials, speaking in regards to those who are so called “security authorities” have the slightest doubt themselves about our innocence. Despite this they ILLEGALLY and WITHOUT EVIDENCE incarcerate us in prison.

I know this very well and we were even informed by the prosecutor when we arrived there for the arraignment. He said in the presence of lawyers that there existed PRIOR recordings of our phone conversations regarding a murder, yet this evidence he spoke of was never filed in court.  Is it just a coincidence that their own court reporter that very same day was dismissed from his position?

I am absolutely sure that my view is shared by the people who were tapping my phone conversations. Why not just court document and publicly air my conversations?

They won’t do this because of one simple reason, that would establish that I am not guilty and that I am INNOCENT. It would be made quite clear that there was no “criminal organization”.

No! They have absolutely no doubt about our innocence. They keep us in jail knowing that we are not guilty, knowing that the conversations they recorded from our telephones have nothing. The investigators claim they would show the evidence in the conversations. The question now is why not show it?

Because showing those recordings would make their whole “criminal organization” charge fall like a house of cards and prove our innocence. So despite knowing all this, they keep us the innocent in prison. Why?

For dirty political purposes, for votes only. It is tyranny and they demonstrate that with what they have done and what they will do.

Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Source: (XA Ameriki)

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