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The Naked Zionist Tyranny of EU: Brussels Bans Forza Nuova from Running in Elections


The Brussels-imposed puppet government of Italy moved to deny Italy’s increasingly angry voters the right to choose a party which would end the crucifixion of their country.

The regime’s police used naked repression to prevent Italy’s only effective nationalist party, Forza Nuova, from collecting and submitting the 300,000 signatures needed in order to stand in next month’s EU elections. This blatant interference in the democratic process in order to lock out effective opposition marks a new low in the subjection of Italy to the EU puppet junta.

Since Nick Griffin raised the matter in the European Parliament yesterday, we have received further details of what was done. With the UK’s  controlled media still denying British voters the right to know about this appalling action and very dangerous precedent, the BNP website is therefore, once again, bringing you breaking news that the others daren’t touch.

Bureaucratic harassment

The official campaign to prevent Forza Nuova  standing has been going on for several weeks. All over Italy, the party’s activists were denied the official forms and documents needed to collect and submit the lists. This part of the operation was aimed at wasting precious time.

In Perugia in central Italy, campaigners were arrested at town hall offices when they went to collect the forms they needed to get the last wave of voters to sign. Held without reason or charge, they were released as soon as the deadline for handing in their completed nominations had passed.

A ploy even more familiar to BNP officials was the action of the police in Treviso, where they made late night threatening visits to the homes of FN sympathisers to try to intimidate them into say8ing that their signatures on the party’s list were forged.

This, of course, is exactly what was done in Maryport earlier this year. Although in our case the police action against BNP Councillor Dawn Charlton collapsed, the local press headlines alleging wrong-doing, and the intimidation of our people, were still all too real.

Intimidation and arrests

At the same time, far-left thugs launched a rampant, nationwide campaign of intimidation of members of the public who had signed the FN list. Needless to say, the police turned blind eyes to the threats of violence and job losses.

The most disruptive and ridiculous of the undemocratic police actions was in the Tuscany and Veneto regions, where FN activists out collecting the last signatures they needed, or taking them for submission, were dragged from their cars by heavy-handed police and held in various police stations on account of “crimes not yet committed”!

All these victims were held until the deadline for submission of the signatures had passed. They were then freed without charge, because the State had got exactly what it wanted.

Blatantly undemocratic

Announcing the suspension of Forza Nuova’s bid to contest the election, its leader Roberto Fiore criticised not merely these blatantly undemocratic police actions but also the law that makes it necessary to collect 3,000 signatures in every electoral district in the country, including a number of very thinly populated ones were new or smaller parties face huge hurdles in organising and getting the signatures they need to stand.

In addition, he noted the pro-austerity Establishment’s parallel ploy to keep the population under control. The BBC’s promotion of Ukip as a pseudo-nationalist safety valve party is matched in Italy by the System’s promotion of parties like M5S (just like Ukip, ‘anti’-Euro but pro-immigration), the pro-Lisbon Treaty Northern League or the Brothers of Italy, who just a few months ago supported the Euro but now claim to have changed their minds!

Mr Fiore also insisted, however, that the denial of a very real chance for his party to win a seat would in no way diminish their long-term campaign to build a radical nationalist alternative to the corrupt old System.

Truman Show

“These attacks on our right to stand and on the voters’ right to choose have reduced this election to being just another Truman Show, played out to try to confer a shred of spurious legitimacy to a System that now lacks any at all.”

“It will not stop us. Instead of being in Parliament again, I will be focussing my and the FN’s attention on street protests and counter-power initiatives. Forza Nuova has never been primarily an electoralist party;  we are built on the strength of our policy frameworks and on militant action on social and political issues.

“We will be bringing legal action over the illegal detentions of our brave militants, but at the same time we will be redoubling our efforts to develop new fields of action where we are fighting on ground that we pick rather than on the Establishment’s turf and terms.

“This latest development will certainly make it even easier for us to convince angry Italians that we are the only real alternative to the rotten System that robs and oppresses them. As the financial situation out there worsens, there will come a time when to have been accepted by the System will be the political kiss of death, and to have been persecuted by the System will be not just a badge of honour but also the key to our people’s hearts.”


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