Diverse Life in France: Muslim Mother Stab to Death Teacher in Front of Students in their Classroom


A school teacher was stabbed to death by a pupil’s mother in front of a classroom full of her horrified five and six-year-old students.

Fabienne Calmes, a 34-year-old mother of two little girls, died after being stabbed in the abdomen this morning, the last day of term at the Edouard Herriot school in the town of Albi in south west France. The 47-year-old attacker reportedly burst into the classroom and screamed 'I'm not a thief' before stabbing the teacher in the abdomen.

  She then attempted to escape but was caught around 20 minutes later close to the school grounds.

The Moroccan-born woman, who holds Spanish nationality, has a police record for child neglect and not reporting a runaway child, French radio reported.

Claude Derens, the Albi prosecutor, told AFP, France's national news agency: 'This
morning a mother came in with a knife and stabbed a senior teacher aged 34 in front of the children, for a reason that an investigation will determine.

'When I arrived on the scene, they were still trying to revive her. She was in cardiac arrest,' said the prosecutor, who said Ms Calmesdied of her wounds soon afterwards.

Benoit Hamon, France's education minister, paid tribute to Ms Calmes. Using her maiden name, he said: 'I want to pay tribute to the memory of Fabienne Terral-Calmes.

'She was 34, a school teacher, mother to two little girls, Romane et Adele, who have lost their mummy. And the national education system has lost a formidable teacher.'

The attack took place around 9am at the school in the Lapanouse area of the town which has 284 pupils aged from three to 11.

The murderer fled the scene of the crime, and evaded arrest for 20 minutes before police found her near her home. The victim’s time of death was 11am.

Ms Derens said the identity of the attacker would not be released at present, but that she was aged 47 and had a police record.

The mother was last year spoken to by police about neglecting a child under 15, and attempting to delay a search for a missing child.

She is currently in custody, where she is likely to remain until a criminal trial sometime next year, when she will face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of murder.

France’s Education Minister Benoit Hamon said the whole of France was ‘deeply shocked’ by a crime which came at the end of the school year.

He said it highlighted the need to improve security in schools. President Francois Hollande also condemned a ‘horrible tragedy’.

President François Hollande described the killing as a 'horrific tragedy' and despatched Education Minister Benoit Hamon to the school.

A government spokesman said: 'All state services will be mobilized to look after the students and the personnel who witnessed this horrific tragedy.'

There have only been four known cases of teachers being killed in class in France over the past three decades.

(Daily Mail)

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