Hitler's Mein Kampf Becoming an Ebook Bestseller


Hitler’s book was and still is one of the most authoritative descriptions of the Jews in modern history.

Most politicians in the so-called democracies and republics of Europe and America are too cowardly to speak frankly about the Jews. Instead, these politicians choose to be puppets for the Jews carrying out their agenda. This is why the United States fights wars in the Middle East for no apparent reason at great cost and this is why White nations all over the world are being invaded by Third World people –because the Jews want this to happen to cause the genocide of the White race through interracial breeding.

A hypocrite article from Salon.com reports: “The nonfiction bestseller list is traditionally peppered with controversial figures and provocative subject matter. But among the current crop of hot authors, you still might not expect to find the most notorious figure of the 20th century. Meet Adolf Hitler, Nazi mastermind and unlikely e-book champion.’ "

“As Chris Faraone first noted earlier this week on vocativ.com, Mein Kampf, Hitler’s 1925 quasi-memoir and manifesto on the the Jewish peril, has become a full-fledged e-book chart-topper. Across platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes, the book, whose English translation copyright holder Houghton Mifflin hasn’t even released in paperback in 16 years, is wiping up the floor with more contemporary political authors. Farone writes, ‘All seven of Glenn Beck’s books trail Herr Hitler’s nearly century-old tell-all, which consistently holds its own against new e-blockbusters like Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, This Town by Mark Leibovich and Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise.’ ”

The Salon article continues “Nazi Germany – and in particular its chief mastermind – have long held a fascination for readers of world history… Perhaps that’s why Mein Kampf has become an e-book hit. You don’t have to go to a store and ask for it. You don’t have to conspicuously pull it out on the commuter train – it can be neatly hidden by a Kindle cover….”

“Another reason for the surge in sales may be its bargain rate. A Kindle edition of Never Trust a Liberal Over Three—Especially a Republican will set you back 15 bucks. Mein Kampf is just 99 cents. Even if a person just wants to flick through it to get the gist, it’s a minor financial investment.”

You don’t have to buy Mein Kampf from Kindle by the way.

It’s available free over the Internet here.

An increasing number of White people realize that we live in an insane society that puts White men last in line for jobs and promotions thanks to racial quotas. The Jewish media encourages White women to go out with Black men, and homosexuality is portrayed as if it’s “normal.” White nations are being quickly destroyed by invading Third World people. More astute political observers will know that the Jews are in control and are responsible for most of what the government does. It’s long overdue that Americans learn what’s in “Mein Kampf”. Maybe if our grandfathers' generation had done this, FDR would have been thrown out of power and the US would have joined Germany’s war against Communism.

Ian Mosely, Pro White Party

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