VIDEO: Ukrainians Welcome Hitler as Liberator (1941)


In the video footage below Ukrainians welcome the righteous German army as liberators from Communist tyranny and savagery.

Ukrainian women mourn the deaths of their husbands who had been rounded up and executed en masse by Jewish-Soviet NKVD agents and local Jews who collaborated with the Communist occupiers of their nation. The Ukrainians eagerly joined the fight against the beastly abomination of a nation: the USSR (a de-facto Jewish colony since 1917).

Meine Ehre heißt Treue: Waffen-SS Veterans Created Secret Army against the Soviets in the 50's


Newly discovered documents show that in the years after World War II, former members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS formed a secret army to protect the country from the Soviets.

For nearly six decades, the 321-page file lay unnoticed in the archives of the BND, Germany's foreign intelligence agency -- but now its contents have revealed a new chapter of German postwar history that is as spectacular as it is mysterious. The previously secret documents reveal the existence of a coalition of approximately 2,000 former officers -- veterans of the NS-era Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS -- who decided to put together an army in postwar Germany in 1949.

National Socialist Heroes in History: Michael Wittmann, Waffen-SS Panzer Commander


Audio feature is on the life of SS Panzer commander, Michael Wittmann.

Michael was a Bavarian farm boy who wanted to join the newly created German army in 1934. He then had a chance to transfer to the elite Waffen SS and eventually, in 1943, earned his way into the command of one of the most formidable weapons in modern warfare, the feared Tiger I battle tank! As a battalion commander, he led his troops into battle on many fronts of the European theater of the Second World War.

Adolf Hitler’s Secret Ukrainian Bunker Revealed


If secrets were measured by the thickness of walls that keep them, then Adolf Hitler’s secrets would be eight feet deep.

Hidden in the pine forests of central Ukraine is one of Hitler’s clandestine bunkers, from which he and his generals monitored the Eastern Front during the World War II. Built in 1941, about eight kilometres from the town of Vinnitsa (three-and-a-half hours southwest of Kiev), the site today is overgrown; frequented by history buffs and illegal diggers.

VIDEO: Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler - 125 Years Young!


VIDEO: Czechs Pledge Loyalty to Homeland and The Reich (1942)


At a mass meeting in Prague, 200,000 Czechs pledge loyalty to their homeland and to the German Reich.

Czech Minister Emanuel Moravec addresses the large rally on July 3, 1942, on Wenceslas Square, near the historic statute of St. Wenceslas. He concludes with an expression of confidence in a better future for the Czech people, and of support for the “new Europe,” the “National Socialist revolution,” “our leader, Adolf Hitler,” and “our state president, Dr. Hacha.”

History is the Propaganda of the Victors: Don't Blame Adolf Hitler for World War II


Accordingly, Germany’s Fuehrer Adolf Hitler has been assigned total blame for starting World War II in Europe, history’s deadliest conflict in which 50 million died.

Interestingly, the anniversary of World War II has reopened old wounds and ignited an ugly battle of words between Russia and its unloving neighbors, Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states.The latter two accuse Moscow of having stabbed them in the back in 1939 by becoming a partner with Germany.

How Three Million Germans Mass Murdered after Destruction of the Reich


Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh.

Giles MacDonogh is a historian of wine and gastronomy, but in this book, pursuing his other consuming interest - German history - he serves a dish to turn the strongest of stomachs. It makes particularly uncomfortable reading for those who compare the disastrous occupation of Iraq unfavourably to the post-war settlement of Germany and Austria.

No Smoking Gun, No Silver Bullets: The Real News of Rosenberg's Diary


The media was buzzing with the announcement of the discovery of the diary of Alfred Rosenberg by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Initial reports announced that the diary “could offer new insights into the Holocaust.”1 News conferences were held with officials from the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. In a Web posting, the USHMM declared: “Its discovery will undoubtedly give scholars new insight into the politics of Nazi leaders and fulfills a museum commitment to uncover evidence from perpetrators of the Holocaust.”

The Heroic Drama: Dr. Goebbels Calls Volkssturm for National Defense (VIDEO)


Five months before the end of World War II in Europe – as enemy forces are advancing from East and West, and German cities are being bombed mercilessly – Germany’s leaders call up all remaining able-bodied men to defend the nation.

In Munich, a ceremony commemorates the 1923 attempt to seize power. Home guard (“Volkssturm”) soldiers are sworn in at large gatherings in East Prussia, Danzig and Berlin. Goebbels address a mass rally of home guard men in central Berlin. From the German wartime weekly newsreel, “Die Deutsche Wochenschau,” of Nov. 16, 1944

Foreign Volunteers for the Waffen-SS were Highly Intelligent and Ambitious, Another Study Says


Swiss, Swedish and Danish men who volunteered for the Waffen-SS were highly intelligent and ambitious individuals, a new study suggests.

In an article published in the journal Contemporary European History, Dr Martin Gutmann argues that men from the neutral countries of Scandinavia and Switzerland who offered their services “left for Germany with an active interest in contributing both physically and intellectually to the NS project”. Gutmann challenges ‘the myth of the volunteers’ – namely, that they were uneducated social ‘losers’ and deviants, drawn by naivety or greed.

VIDEO: European Volunteers in the Waffen-SS Against Bolshevism


Joseph Kennedy: Hardcore Antisemite, Hitler Lover


Arriving at London in early 1938, newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy took up quickly with another transplanted American.

Viscountess Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor assured Kennedy early in their friendship that he should not be put off by her pronounced and proud anti-Catholicism. “I’m glad you are smart enough not to take my [views] personally,” she wrote. Astor pointed out that she had a number of Roman Catholic friends – G.K. Chesterton among them – with whom she shared, if nothing else, a profound hatred for the Jewish race.

Adolf Hitler: In the Thicket of the Forest at Artois, 1916 (poem)


In the Thicket of the Forest at Artois
(Direct English Translation)

It was in the thicket of the Artois Wood.
Deep in the trees, on blood-soaked ground,
Lay stretched a wounded German warrior,
And his cries rang out in the night.
In vain ... no echo answered his plea ...
Will he bleed to death like a beast,
That shot in the gut dies alone?

Then suddenly ...
Heavy steps approach from the right
He hears how they stamp on the forest floor ...
And new hope springs from his soul.
And now from the left ...
And now from both sides ...

Two men approach his miserable bed
A German it is, and a Frenchman.
And each watches the other with distrustful glance,
And threatening they aim their weapons.
The German warrior asks:
"What do you do here?"
"I was touched by the needy one's call for help."

"It's your enemy!"
"It is a man who suffers."
And both, wordless, lowered their weapons.
Then entwined their hands
And, with muscles tensed, carefully lifted
The wounded warrior, as if on a stretcher,
And carried him through the woods.

'Til they came to the German outposts.
"Now it is over. He will get good care."
And the Frenchman turns back toward the woods.
But the German grasps for his hand,
Looks, moved, into sorrow-dimmed eyes
And says to him with earnest foreboding:

"I know not what fate holds for us,
Which inscrutably rules in the stars.
Perhaps I shall fall, a victim of your bullet.
Maybe mine will fell you on the sand
For indifferent is the chance of battles.

Yet, however it may be and whatever may come:
We lived these sacred hours,
Where man found himself in man ...
And now, farewell! And God be with you!

Adolf Hitler, 1916

Document Confirms British were Plotting to Invade Germay Before Germany Invaded Poland


Though we hardly needed it, we received further confirmation this week that the declaration of war against Germany had nothing to do with Poland, and was in fact a brutal war of aggression launched for economic and Jewish reasons against the peaceful German people.

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