New Hollywood Film “Focus” Promotes Race Mixing Between Negro Male and Blonde-Haired White Female


The disgusting filth and unnatural trash coming out of Hollywood holds no bounds.

One of the themes Jews have really pushed in pop culture are depictions of attractive White blonde-haired females having sexual relationships with Black males. A new Warner Brothers film will continue this trend. The movie stars the Black actor Will Smith and the White Australian blonde haired actress Margot Robbie. The trailer of the film features Smith and Robbie in a number of sexually suggestive situations.

 The bottom line is that it is unnatural to procreate outside of your race.  By mixing with someone outside of your race your children won’t look like you and they will be robbed of their identity.  Jews seem to believe that by promoting this type of propaganda it will result in fewer White children being born and that this will eventually allow them to rule over a bunch of mixed-race mongrels from their criminal headquarters in Israel.

The good news is that the JewTube comments under this trailer are very critical of the content. Specifically, many comments point out how this film is being used by Jews to promote race mixing between White women and Black males. Let’s hope this film bombs spectacularly. Send a message to the Jews that we don’t want to see any of their disgusting race mixing propaganda by boycotting this crap film.

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