UK: Labour Parliamentary Candidate Resigns After Tweeting Image of Hitler Youth


While I certainly don’t agree with much of anything that the establishment parties like Labour stand for over in the UK,

why is it that public figures feel the need to apologize for anything they say that is politically incorrect? One of the most politically incorrect topics in the modern era is to mention anything pertaining to Adolf Hitler or German National Socialism unless it is 100% negative. Could it be any more clear that this mode of thinking needs to come to an end?

 It is preventing legitimate public discourse on critical issues from happening.

From BBC:

A Labour parliamentary candidate has resigned after tweeting an image of the Hitler Youth in relation to a protest outside BBC Scotland’s HQ.

Kathy Wiles, who was due to stand in the 2015 Westminster election, said she wanted to highlight the dangers of using children in political campaigns.

Her initial tweet was responding to a picture showing children at the demo wearing pro-independence T-shirts.

Ms Wiles has apologised and resigned as a candidate for the seat of Angus.

The Labour Party said it would swiftly get a replacement.

(Daily Slave)

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