Aryan Nations Rally In Gettysburg, PA


The first reports on the Aryan Nations rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on June 19th, 2010 are now filtering in, published by the Associated Press and the York Daily Record, and the rally occurred without incident.

A dozen Aryan Nations members and other White activists showed up, offset by 14 Communists and about two dozen anarchists who counter-protested. The two groups were kept about 60 yards about to prevent the antifa from attacking the White activists. The event was also publicized on Stormfront.


A new story published by the York Daily Record offers more details. The Aryan Nations group arrived by school bus, escorted by police on motorcycles, to the site a few hundred yards from where Union soldiers turned back Pickett's Charge by Confederate forces. The primary Aryan Nations organizer was Gordon Young, once a member of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which held a similar rally at the same location in 2006 and which decided to merge with Aryan Nations earlier this year. He obtained the permit for the rally in advance. Young has previously been targeted by ZOG, but in a one-day trial on July 12th, 2007, Young successfully beat flimsy charges of second-degree sexual offense, sexual abuse of a minor, and second-degree assault.

WHP Channel 21 reports that Aryan Nations criticized President Barack Obama and the decisions he's made on issues like immigration and unemployment. But most importantly, they focused on White rights. Holding flags, making gestures and speaking up to show how proud they are about the white race, members of the Aryan Nations say they're angry and fed up. "We're ready to risk everything to defend what's right and what's white in this world...(we're) Waking up white America. Letting them know that we're not going to let Jewish media run us into the ground," said Paul Mullet, the National Director of Aryan Nations.

(White Reference Blog)

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