Afrikaner White Nationalist Town of Orania Continues to Expand


The remarkable Afrikaner nationalist settlement of Orania in South Africa continues to expand and will soon have the region’s leading shopping center,

doctor’s surgery, dentist, and eye specialist—and there is no truth to an internet-based rumor that the town has been outlawed, according to an official spokesman. The claim that the town has been “outlawed” was started on a blog called the “Diversity Times”—which said that a South African Supreme Court ruling had ordered the town to admit black residents.

“There has been no such court case, and no such ruling,” an Orania spokesman responded on Facebook. “The story is a total fabrication,” he continued, adding that there was in any event no “rule” in Orania about who could live there.

Furthermore, he said, it is illegal in terms of the South African constitution to have any sort of racial segregation, and the town adheres to the law of the land—meaning that there would never have been any basis for such a court case in the first place.

“The story is a malicious lie, put around by someone who seeks to undermine the progress Orania has recently made in becoming the beacon for Afrikaner survival,” the spokesman added.

Recent advances in the town, located in the center of South Africa in the Northern Cape, include the construction of the region’s first new shopping center, the creation of a doctor’s surgery, dentist practice, and optometrist for the growing number of residents of the town.

There are officially over 1,000 permanent residents in the town, although it continues to grow by a few dozen each month as increasing numbers of Afrikaners realize that Orania offers the only viable alternative to maintain their identity and culture in the face of mass demographic swamping.

Orania has grown dramatically over the last ten years, by more than 72 percent, and this exponential growth continues, according to the movement’s official blog.

“Orania’s growth is almost completely due to new arrivals, and not by natural reproduction, as the birth and death figures are relatively balanced. As far as the age spread goes, Orania looks very healthy,” the blog continued.

“There are enough children, but the largest group of people is to be found in the economically active ages of between 20 and 60. There are of course also elderly people present, but contrary to the outside perception, they are a small percentage when compared to the age profile of Afrikaners in general, or with other Western nations.”

The Orania blog added that there are more men than women—60 percent to 40 percent—which it says, is “not unusual for a pioneer community and a town whose core industries are agriculture and construction. As the service industries continue to grow, the gender balance will correct itself.”

As far as the surrounding area goes, the Orania blog pointed out, the demographics of the nearby farms are increasingly better due to the continuing process of urbanization which affects the colored population as well, as “mechanization has decreased the need for farm laborers.”

Nonetheless, the Orania blog adds, the demographics mean that the strategy of the Orania Movement must remain focused on building Orania into a small city, rather than trying to take over towns in the region. In this regard, the blog points out, the nearest small town of Strydenburg needs at least 3,000 Afrikaners in order to form a majority there.

“The ongoing purchase of farms is a strategy which is well worthwhile as they increasingly become depopulated and food security becomes an ever-more important issue,” the blog says, concluding by adding that Orania “already owns a large number of surrounding farms.”

(New Observer)

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