Sweden: Jew Supremacist Beaten with Iron Pipes for Flying Israeli Flag


A Jew Supremacist was beaten by a group of people with iron pipes in south Sweden on Sunday night.

He was beaten after hanging an Israeli flag in his window. Police are calling it a “hate crime.” Once again, we see that the Jew is destroying his own self with his immigration agenda. He just cannot help himself. He is biologically driven to destroy the White man, and if he takes himself down with us – and he will – that is just the way it goes.

 The Local:

The incident occurred in Seved, Malmö, shortly before midnight on Sunday when the man displayed an Israeli flag from his window, sources told newspaper Sydsvenskan. The man reportedly exchanged words with men on the street after hanging the flag, and left his apartment.

Before the assault the man’s window had been smashed where the flag of Israel had been hung.

“After that the man went out onto the street to see what was going on. Then he was attacked and it was on the basis of the flag. That is the information we have at present,” Linda Pleym of the Malmö police told the TT news agency.

Police said he was then assaulted by around ten people with iron pipes and chased from the building. The man managed to escape his attackers and was found by police on a nearby street. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

(Daily Stormer)

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