Jewish Professor Noel Ignatev Calls for White Genocide


"If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!"

On his last day of teaching at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Professor Noel Ignatiev reportedly received a standing ovation when he told his class that white males are a cancer and they should kill themselves, Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit, citing an interview posted at the Diversity Report.

“If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others," he said, according to Ivan Fernando.

Fernando, who wrote the piece at the Diversity Report, called Ignatiev's comments "sound and reasonable" words that "resonate with every enlightened and progressive mind."

"They are indisputable and no one can debate them," he added, calling those who object to Ignatiev's outrageous call "far-right extremists."

Fernando said he spoke to Ignatiev about his statement in a phone interview.

According to Fernando's account, Ignatiev doubled down on his comments, attributing criticism to "white supremacist attitudes."

"The goal of destroying the white race is simply so desirable, it boggles the mind trying to understand how anyone could possibly object to it," he said.

He went on to explain that those who object to his call for genocide "are themselves white supremacists."

"They wish to go on oppressing and exploiting other races and maintaining their own privileged positions of power. That is the conscious and sometimes subconscious motivation of all of my critics. That is why they object to destroying the cancer of humanity known as the white race. That ugly disease, which dares to call itself a people and a culture," he explained.

When asked if only white males need to be exterminated, Ignatiev said that the entire race needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

"Obviously, all whites need to be destroyed, but why not start with white males? They are behind most of history’s greatest atrocities," he said, while acknowledging in rather colorful terms that black men like to have sex with white women.

"Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now. If you are a thoughtful person, with a social consciousness who considers himself white, you will consider suicide. It’s the right thing to do," he added.

In the interview, he read an email he supposedly received from someone who took offense at his suggestion and called it "absurd and irrational." Fernando apparently agreed with Ignatiev's assessment.

Ignatiev also slammed Christianity, Jesus Christ and the celebration of Christmas.

"Christmas and white culture disgust me," he said. "I hate this time of year so much. I hate going outside and seeing Christmas trees or Christmas lights. They should be banned! A Christmas tree is just one notch above a burning cross in my opinion!"

Not only is Ignatiev white, he has a long history of controversial remarks.

The Washington Times reported in 2002 that Ignatiev, a fellow at Harvard's W.E.B. DuBois Institute and a man described as a "one-time steelworker and Marxist activist," expressed a desire to abolish the white race, echoing the statements he allegedly made in his class.

Ignatiev, who did not appear willing to lead by example, told Fernando that reaction to his screed has been largely positive.

"Perhaps we are finally coming to an awareness in this country that the cancer known as the white race must be obliterated. Especially in the form of white males," he said.

He then went into full "Stalin" mode, suggesting death camps for white people. "Eventually, I would like to put white males in concentration camps and work them to death just like they’ve done to everyone else. When they are all dead we can throw a party and dance around their corpses," he said.

"I certainly hope so," Fernando said in agreement. "I hope you are right. If so it is the dawning of a new era of peace and progress."

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