After Apartheid: South African Blacks Rape Paramedics Who Come to Tend Burned Toddler


The men who attacked two female paramedics attending to a burnt toddler, behaved like animals, President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday.

One of the women was raped. “It was very disturbing to hear that people providing a service to the community were violated in such a cruel manner… Those criminals behaved like animals,” he said addressing Roodepoort fire station staff and a crowd who gathered inside and outside the station. On the night of Friday, March 6, three men confronted paramedics when they arrived in Durban Deep in Roodepoort to help a toddler who had suffered burn wounds...

Cape Town, New South Africa: Negro ANC Councillors Trash City Hall, Dance with Mock AK47s


The ANC “protest” as they called it, was held in the council chamber of the only city of the country not controlled by South Africa’s ruling party.

In yet another example of South Africa’s pitiful slide into Third World chaos, a recent Cape Town city council meeting meant to discuss that metropolis’s annual budget dissolved into chaos as African National Congress (ANC) councillors trashed the chamber while dancing, singing, and waving mock AK47s.

Black Racial Mob Violence Ruin London's Night Life


Black mob violence is ruining their business, say the owners of a popular nightclub.

Just like it ruined the businesses of 15 other nearby night spots which recently closed. Except this is not in America. These hot spots are in London. This declaration of racial violence came from the owners and managers of the Fridge Club, an iconic three-story venue where as many 300 people can be found staying up all night to dance, drink and often use drugs.

Greek Doctor Arrested for ‘Jews Not Welcome’ Sign


A Greek doctor who posted a “Jews Not Welcome” sign outside his office was arrested for inciting racial hatred.

The doctor, a 57-year-old neurologist from Thessaloniki, also was charged with weapons possession and "pro-Nazi beliefs", according to the Greek Reporter. The sign was written in German. The doctor, who has not been named, is a member of the Greek social nationalist Golden Dawn party and an avowed supporter, according to reports.

'Death to Jews' Graffitis Sprayed on Ukrainian Synagogues


According to the Russian-Israeli news site izrus.co.il, swastikas and the phrase “Death to the Jews” were sprayed on the door of synagogues in Simferopol, located in the Crimean peninsula.

Anatoly Gendin, head of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Crimea, told the news site that the perpetrators needed to climb a two-meter wall to reach the building. "Clearly, it was important for the anti-Semites to commit this crime".

VIDEO: Survivor Claims Jews were Gassed INSIDE of the Nazi Death Train


Racist Black Goes on Anti-White Shooting Spree, Says His Teachers Taught Him to Hate Whites


A Black man is on trial for a shooting-spree in Fulton County, Georgia, in 2011.

His defense for the fatal shooting of several White women is that he learned to hate White people from his education. Never mind this, gojim. What about poor Trayvon? He was only a child, trying to eat Skittles. Nkosi Thandiwe, 23, and a former security guard, admitting to fatally shooting Brittney Watts, Tiffany Ferenczy, and Lauren Garcia alleging that he was under a trance or hypnotic state.

Israeli Tourist Shocked by Souvenirs with National Socialist Symbols Sold in Bulgaria


An Israeli traveling in Bulgaria was "shocked" to find mugs carrying the picture of Adolf Hitler and decorated with swastikas in a souvenir shop in a ski resort.

She later realized the shop was not only one carrying the National Socialist paraphernalia, and found similar trinkets in other shops on the same street. Janna Kushnir, 45, mother of four living in the Azor Regional Council, took her son Rafi, 13, to a Bar Mitzvah trip in Bansko, a tourist hub popular among Israeli tourists, located some 150 km from the capital Sofia.

Texas Jewish Professor Discusses Building a Dream of White Genocide


For over 30 years, Rice University Sociology Professor Dr. Stephen Klineberg has been studying the demographics of Greater Houston, in Texas.

Houston’s demographic data reveals that it’s now 33% White, 41% Hispanic (mixed-race), 18% Black, and 8% Asian, and more than 70% of all children are non-White, with the over-60′s being the only age group where White people are still a majority. “We are watching [Houston] reinvent itself in the 21st century,” Klineberg said, “and it’s very much a challenge that all of our different places [face], and Sugar Land has been pioneering new urbanism right now, that whole sense that you can have an urban experience and urban opportunities even within the [immediate area].”

VIDEO: Anti-White Race War Slasher Music Clip Teaches Black Children to Hate and Massacre Whites


VIDEO: Gay? You’d Better Go Ahead and Get the Hell Out of Russia


Daily Stormer | The new Human Rights Watch expose of the “abuse” of queers in Russia comes across like a PSA from the Russian government.

The message is quite clear: “we are not playing a game – homosexuality will not be tolerated in Russia.” International newspapers are decrying the acts of violence, backing their outrage up only with the assumption that violence is always wrong and that homosexuals always have a right to pollute society with their degenerate filth.

African Serial Child Molester Sexually Assaults Dozens of White Children in Sweden - Gets Probation


A 29 year old immigrant from Eritrea has been convicted of sexually assaulting over a dozen children in Bromley and Kristianstad.

He faces charges of assaulting many more. He claims the assaults are perfectly normal in his culture and that it is racist to prosecute him. The immigrant was allowed to move to Sweden as part of a refugee quota requested by the United Nations. He has been sexually terrorized a community, grabbing male and female children and fondling them. The victims have been as young as six.

Israeli President Netanyahu Criticized for Allowing his Son to Race-Mix with White Goyim Girl


The Lehava Organization for the Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land has appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to meddle in his son Yair’s relationship with a Norwegian goyim, and bring him back into the fold.

HIV-Positive Gay Negro Filmed Himself having Unprotected Sex with More than 30 Men he Infected


An HIV positive college student could have knowingly infected more than 30 people with the deadly virus while secretly filming their sex romps on his laptop, police said.

Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV back in October but prosecutors just announced Thursday that a police investigation uncovered the incriminating videos, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Most of the 32 sex tapes were recorded in his dorm room at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo. The videos show Johnson having unprotected sex with various men he met through social media.

Obama: Legalize Weed to Keep Blacks from Getting Arrested


On Sunday, the idiot black president of America, Barack Obama, said he believes smoking marijuana is a “bad habit” but feels it should be legalized in order to keep blacks from getting arrested for possessing it.

This follows along with Obama’s steady position that the best way to keep blacks out of prison is to either refuse to punish them for the crimes they commit, or make the crimes they commit legal so that they will not be punished for them. We should also, no doubt, legalize rape and armed robbery – then we can keep blacks out of prison totally.

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