Britain's Rape Jihad on Rise: Police Hunting for Muslims Who have Gang Raped a Teenage Girl


A teenage girl was gang-raped by a group of "Asian men" in a wooded area, police have said.

The 17-year-old victim met a group of men in Slough, Berkshire yesterday evening. The girl went to an off-licence with one of the group and continued to a residential street, where they were joined by four men in a small silver hatchback. The girl walked with the men down a footpath towards a river surrounded by woodland where she was raped by several of the men.

Jews Sob About Racism After Getting Kicked Out of African Union Summit


This is one of the funniest news stories in quite some time.

 A group of Jews were kicked out of the 23rd African Union Summit after a number of representatives from Arab countries threatened to boycott the event due to their presence.  The event resumed after the Jews left the hall where the meeting was being held. The Jews who were forced to leave are now sobbing about racism, anti-Semitism and other nonsense.

Sickening Jew Wants to Hunt Down and Murder All Germans in Canada


A sick Jewish terrorist and hate-filled Christ-killing monster is protesting the weird country of Canada

and demanding that all Germans be hunted down and murdered by the government. Oh, but this rat is now claiming that these Germans he wants to murder for no reason will escape his violent and murderous Jew wrath.

Multicultural Britain: Eight Negroes Kill Bangladeshi Family When They Burn Down the Wrong House


Six black man and two mulatto teenager have been convicted for their part in a revenge arson attack that killed four people.

Shehnila Taufiq, 47, daughter Zainab, 19, and sons Bilal, 17, and Jamal, 15 died in a house fire in Leicester in the early hours of 13 September. Kemo Porter, 19, and Tristan Richards, 23, were found guilty of their murders. Shaun Carter, 24, Nathaniel Mullings, 19, Jackson Powell, 20, Aaron Webb, 20, Akeem Jeffers, 21 and Cairo Parker, 17, were found guilty of manslaughter.

Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson’s Antisemitism: “We’ve All Said Those Things”


The Batman actor said “we’ve all said those things". “We all hide and try to be so politically correct. That's what gets me,” he continued. “I think it's like, take a f**king joke. Get over it.”

In 2006, Gibson was arrested for suspected drink-driving in Malibu and made anti-Semitic remarks to a policeman, which he later apologised for – explaining that the comments were “blurted out in a moment of insanity”, branding the incident as “despicable' behaviour”.

Sharia in France: Muslims Attack Man for Eating Ham Sandwich


Anywhere Islamic law and Western law conflict, it is Western law that must give way.

And herein lies the fundamental difference between Islamic law (the sharia), Canon law and Jewish law: Canon law applies to Roman Catholics, Jewish law to Jews, but Islamic law asserts its punitive authority over non-Muslims, and Muslims (even those in Western nations) impose it by force and other means. This defines Islamic supremacism.

Super Cool German Officer Puts "neo-Nazi" Stickers in Police Van


Police in Bavaria have been forced onto the defensive after an officer stuck "neo-Nazi" stickers in a police van.

State prosecutors are investigating a 25-year-old policeman. An unnamed passer-by on their way to a football match in Fürth was shocked to find several nationalist stickers stuck on a box in the trunk of a USK police car - a special unit used for crowd control. Zeit Online on its nationalist watch blog, Störungsmelder, wrote that the passer-by took a photo which then opened the police force up to a host of criticism.

Amsterdam: Angry Locals don't Want Holocaust Monument


Amsterdam leaders will reconsider location as residents plead 'not in my garden.'

Plans for a Holocaust monument in Amsterdam have been put on hold after angry neighbors told the city it is too large for the park where it was to have been built. Edwin Oppedijk, a spokesman for the city's central district, said that after hearing the complaints, politicians will reconsider whether to place the monument in the Wertheim Park or find an alternative location.

"Heterosexual white males don't need representation; they used to have it - it was called the KKK."


... University of Toronto Student Union President tweeted this.

UK: White Woman Punched to the Ground and Spat on in Racist Attack by Non-White Thug


A WOMAN in Luton was punched in the stomach and spat on during a racial attack in Wardown Park.

The 28-year-old victim was attacked on May 31 by a man who then got into a car with his wife and two children and drove off. The woman had been in the Wardown Park children’s play area, close to the ice cream hut, at around 6.30pm when she was asked to help a child who had got stuck on the climbing frame.

Racism Rising in France: Gypsy Thief in Coma after Revenge Lynching in Paris Suburb


A Gypsy thief was fighting for his life after a revenge lynching in Paris’s troubled Seine-Saint-Denis suburb.

The 16-year old, who was found unconscious in an abandoned shopping trolley, received summary justice after he was accused of burgling an apartment just hours earlier. "A group of several people came to find him in the camp where he lived and took him away by force," a police source told AFP, adding that the boy was then locked in a basement where he was violently beaten.

UK Police don't Investigate Muslim Paedophile Gang for Fear of Appearing Racist: 50 Girls Get Raped


Police and social workers were last night accused of failing to investigate an Asian paedophile gang for fear of being perceived as racist, allowing them to prey on up to 50 young white girls.

The nine men from Rochdale were yesterday convicted of abusing five vulnerable teenagers after plying them with alcohol, food and small sums of money in return for sex. However, the true number of victims, who were "passed around" by the gang, is likely to be nearer to 50, police have admitted.

Hundreds of Angry Blacks Protest Memorial for Cat Tortured by Black Kids


Hundreds of blacks came out to protest against animal lovers who were memorializing a cat kidnapped and tortured by black kids.

The blacks do not believe the brats should face criminal charges. These is the way these people think. They are responsible for nothing, and any attempts to hold individual blacks responsible for individual acts are an attack on blacks as a group. And yet, somehow, we are supposed to take these people seriously. No one else acts like this.

UK: Rural School Deemed 'Too White', Children Forced to See Non-Whites in London


A "too white" rural primary school has organised a sleepover to London – so the children "get a chance" to see people who are not white.

Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised by Ofsted for being insufficiently ‘multicultural’. So the "too white" 68-pupil Church of England school is asking parents to pay for their children to make a two-day multiculturalism trip to a London school with a "wide mix of ethnic backgrounds".

VIDEO: 16 African Immigrant Thugs Assaulted a Young White Female, Onlookers Came to her Defense


A group of African immigrants assaulted a young white female pedestrian in Manchester, England.

The woman’s brother was then assaulted when he tried to defend her. As many as 16 African immigrants participated in the attack. However, other pedestrians rushed to their aid. An on again off again battle was captured on video as groups African immigrants repeatedly charged at would be victims only to be pushed back.

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