Negro Rapper Jay-Z Endorsed Militant Nation of Islam Splinter Group


Many black celebrities are members of, or support the Nation of Islam.

This is a militant group that says white people will soon be exterminated in a race war. There are also several splinter groups of the Nation of Islam that are even more radical. These include The New Black Panther Party, Nation of Gods and Earths, The Fiver Percent Nation, and more. These groups also have black celebrities are members and supporters.

Jay-Z, a famous black celebrity who is closely connected to Obama, wore a medallion promoting The Five Percent Nation in public. The term “5 percent” or “5 percenter” refers to black people are preparing to fight the race war against white people. They are supposed to be a militant vanguard of the black race.

From UK Mail Online…

Jay-Z raised eyebrows at the Barclay’s Center last week when he wore a medallion symbolizing the Five Percent Nation.

The Brooklyn-born rapper was sitting court-side at a Nets game on Tuesday with wife Beyonce when he was snapped wearing the controversial symbol.

One of the core tenants of the Five Percent Nation – an off-shoot of the Nation of Islam – is that white people are ‘wicked and inferior’ to black men.

When asked by a reporter whether the medallion is meaningful to him, Jay-Z shrugged and said ‘A little bit’.

This isn’t the first time that the rapper has been connected to the Five-Percenters.

He was photographed wearing another similar medallion while giving radio interviews for his album Magna Carta Holy Grail last summer.

And in ‘Heaven’ a track on that album, Jay-Z references the Five-Percenters acronym for Allah by rapping ‘Arm leg leg arm head’.

The Five Percent Nation was founded in 1963 by Clarence Smith, a former student of Malcolm X.


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