Mandela's "Rainbow Nation": White Anti-Apartheid Movement Founder Killed by a Racist Negro


A white Second World War veteran who helped found the Anti-Apartheid Movement died after being knocked to the ground by a negro who accused him of making a racist remark, a court has heard.

Murray Wrobel, an intelligence linguist in a clandestine unit known as “Churchill’s Secret Army”, was 91 when he was shoved over by Marcus Jean after complaining that his bicycle was blocking a trolley rack outside a supermarket, it is alleged. Jean, 31, is accused of hurling a tirade of abuse at the pensioner, telling him: “You and your kind should have been dead a long time ago.”

VIDEO: Racist Black Teens Brutally Beat White Student on School Bus


VIDEO: Store Owner Confronted by Dumb Fat Negress Demanding Free Stuff Because of Slavery


NBA's Millonare Anti-Black Racist Jew Tells Girlfriend, 'In Israel, Blacks Are Treated Like Dogs'


In a newly released audiotape of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s notorious racist remarks to his girlfriend, he seems to justify his views of African-Americans by noting how in Israel “the blacks are just treated like dogs.”

In the original, shorter tape released Friday by the TMZ website, which has caused a storm in the nearly full black NBA, Sterling is heard at a game complaining to his black-Mexican girlfriend, V. Stiviano, after seeing that she’d posted pictures on the net with negroes.

VIDEO: Anti-Racist Gets a Reality Check, Knocked Out and Robbed by Violent Non-Whites


This is What You Defeated Hitler for: Bestiality Brothels are Spreading through Germany


Bestiality brothels are spreading through Germany thanks to a law that makes sex with animals legal, a livestock protection officer has warned.

Madeleine Martin told the Frankfurter Rundschau that current laws were not protecting animals from predatory zoophiles who are increasingly able to turn to bestiality as a 'lifestyle choice'. She highlighted one case where a farmer in the Gross-Gerau region of southwest Germany, noticed his once friendly flock of sheep were beginning to shy away from human contact.

Diversity Arrived in Britain: Illegal Mexican Killed Pregnant Girlfriend Before Raping Her Corpse


Reading stories like this, I become overly filled-up with joy as to the enrichment brought upon us by this grand program of multiculturalism, and I bow down and thank the Jews for giving us the privilege to have such magnificent enriching events taking place in our society.

Tribal Areas of Chicago: Negro Beast Breaks in Home and Rapes 4-Year-Old


A brazen convicted felon broke into a Calumet Park home, raped a 4-year-old girl while others were inside.

Then went into a closet at the residence and started smoking a cigarette, Cook County prosecutors said. Demetrio Campbell was trying to get the victim and her older sister to come across the street to him when they were playing outside Sunday, State’s Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said. But the girls ignored the 27-year-old man’s alleged request and ran inside the house, locking the doors.

White Girl Gang-Raped by Muslims “Because She is French and the French are All Sons of Whores”


On that evening a young girl of 18 gets off the RER [train] at Évry station.

At the exit, she makes a call on her mobile phone. Four individuals throw themselves on her and take her to a neighbouring park. They rob her of everything she has, then undress her and rape her in turns. An indescribable rape of savage cruelty. The four torture her for four hours before abandoning her, wounded to the point of bleeding. A motorist takes care of her, calls the emergency services. She has the energy to give testimony, filing a complaint. She has been told to take three months off work. There she is, traumatised for life.

Black Celebrities Who Belong to “5%er” Anti-White Race War Cult


White celebrities are publicly crucified for any perceived “racism.” Black celebrities can openly support groups that advocate race war.

Five Percent Nation is a militant Nation of Islam Splinter Group. The term “5 Percent” refers to the black vanguard. They are supposed to be the ones preparing to fight a race war in which all white people will be exterminated from the face of the earth. Five Percent Nation has also gone by the name “Nation of Gods and Earths.” They believe that the black male is the embodiment of God and the black female is the embodiment of the earth.

Negro Rapper Jay-Z Endorsed Militant Nation of Islam Splinter Group


Many black celebrities are members of, or support the Nation of Islam.

This is a militant group that says white people will soon be exterminated in a race war. There are also several splinter groups of the Nation of Islam that are even more radical. These include The New Black Panther Party, Nation of Gods and Earths, The Fiver Percent Nation, and more. These groups also have black celebrities are members and supporters.

"My White Skin Disgusts Me": Hardcore Male-Hating Jew Feminist Hates Having White Skin Too


Robin Morgan is one of the most high profile “feminist” leaders in America.

She is an atheist from Ashkenazi Jewish parents. Since the 1960s she has co-founded a laundry list of “feminist” organizations. She is credited as the founder of “second wave feminism.” This is how Critical Theory, devised by the Frankfurt School, works. You attack religion, culture, heritage, and the family. You break down these bonds in order to make the people more willing to embrace international Communism. Here is how she feels about all white people...

Berlin Pub Bans Blacks Because of Drug Dealing


The German owner of a Berlin Pub has banned blacks from the premises because they deal drugs.

Gunter Liesert, 72, was interviewed by the Berliner Kurier newspaper as part of a piece on the selling of cocaine, crystal meth and other illicit substances at the nearby Gorlitzer Park, in the eastern Berlin district of Kreuzberg. "I'm not a racist, but I've decided to ban black people from my pub, because blacks sell so many drugs here," Liesert said.

VIDEO: Arrogant Negro Destroyed by White Trucker After Being Attacked


Sick of hearing about White folks getting attacked from behind by feral Black thugs? Check this out!

VIDEO: ‘White Means Pure’: African Singer Defends Skin-Whitening Cream


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