VIDEO: The Horrific Muslim Infiltration of Britain


Great "Diverse" Britain: Mother Ordered by School to Declare Her 7-yr-old White Son Guilty of Racism


Political correctness is like a cancer festering inside brainwashed white liberals,

infecting our society with idiocy and overly-sensitive drivel from brain-dead morons who wouldn’t know common sense if it smacked them in the face. Case in point? A mother in Great "Diverse" Britain was told that she had to sign a form declaring her son was racist, all because he asked a question that the school didn’t like. The mother is now trying to get her son transferred out of the school.

VIDEO: South African Blacks Attempt to Kidnap White Toddlers for Ritual "Muti" Murders


It’s a dirty little secret in South Africa, is once again on the rise.

Called “muti murders” or “medicine murders” (sometimes termed “ritual murder” or muthi-murder), it takes its name from the Zulu word “muti”, the term for traditional black magic medicines that utilize human body parts and flesh as critical ingredients in order to produce supposedly miraculous medicinal effects.

Jews Express their "Outrage and Disgust" as Malaysian Federal Lawmaker Praises Adolf Hitler


 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak waded on the jewish outrage surrounding Datuk Bung Moktar Radin’s Twitter salute to Adolf Hitler,

telling the Barisan Nasional (BN) MP to withdraw his “unacceptable and wrong” remark. The prime minister also sought to control the damage done by the outspoken lawmaker’s gaffe on social media, which has now been picked up by the international media, saying “he does not speak for Malaysia”. “The comments made by Datuk Bung Moktar are unacceptable and wrong, and he will withdraw them.

Sweden: Jew Supremacist Beaten with Iron Pipes for Flying Israeli Flag


A Jew Supremacist was beaten by a group of people with iron pipes in south Sweden on Sunday night.

He was beaten after hanging an Israeli flag in his window. Police are calling it a “hate crime.” Once again, we see that the Jew is destroying his own self with his immigration agenda. He just cannot help himself. He is biologically driven to destroy the White man, and if he takes himself down with us – and he will – that is just the way it goes.

Israeli Multiculturalism: Jew Lawmaker Calls for Genocide of Palestinians, Gets Thousands of Likes


A day before Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive allegedly by six Israeli Jewish youths,

Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked published on FB a call for genocide of the Palestinians. It is a call for genocide because it declares that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and justifies its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

Ice-T Says It’s Just a Coincidence Only White People Get Murdered in New Music Video


When questioned about the fact that only White people get murdered in his new music video, Ice-T claimed it was a coincidence

Brazilian Voodoo Negro Curses German World Cup Team


It must be said again that the Negroes would be great comic relief if only they were not so dangerous. Where did this one’s clothes go?

Despite their abilities to sprint fast and headbutt things, it looks as if the mongrel Brazilian team stands at a great disadvantage going into the semi-finals game against an overwhelmingly Aryan German club. The underdogs have now resorted to their secret weapon, a Negro voodoo priest who vows to curse the Germans’ star players to prevent their impact.

Diverse Life in France: Muslim Mother Stab to Death Teacher in Front of Students in their Classroom


A school teacher was stabbed to death by a pupil’s mother in front of a classroom full of her horrified five and six-year-old students.

Fabienne Calmes, a 34-year-old mother of two little girls, died after being stabbed in the abdomen this morning, the last day of term at the Edouard Herriot school in the town of Albi in south west France. The 47-year-old attacker reportedly burst into the classroom and screamed 'I'm not a thief' before stabbing the teacher in the abdomen.

Multiculti London: Black Gang Knife White Father to Death in Front of Horrified Parents and Children


Four negroes including two girls were being questioned over the fatal stabbing of a father in front of children and parents on the school run.

They were arrested along with two young men after 38-year-old Zydrunas Laurinavicius was murdered on Thursday afternoon. The builder was walking along a street with his father when he was jumped by a gang who tried to run off with his bag. When he refused to hand it over, they took out knives and slashed his arm and chest, witnesses said.

Jewess Comedian Joan Rivers Says Barack Obama is Gay and Michelle Obama a Tranny


Joan Rivers is a Jewess comedian whose face looks like it is made of wax.

The idea that Barack Obama is a homosexual and Michelle Obama is some sort of weird transgender freak has gained an increasing amount of momentum over the past few years. Although we don’t have 100% proof that either is the case, both are certainly possible. The fact that this weird Jewess comedian Joan Rivers made a comment about this is very strange.

Negro Tolerance: White Kid Gets Repeatedly Assaulted in Black Neighborhood (VIDEO)


This is pretty hilarious, but also useful in that it shows raw black behavior.

A White kid goes to the hood to take selfies in such a way that it looks like he is photographing the blacks, and they flip out and attack him, over and over and over again. Blacks are not “people” in the traditional sense of the word. Though they are physically similar to us in some ways, they are in fact wild animals which pose a clear and present danger to the White population of this country.

UK: Labour Parliamentary Candidate Resigns After Tweeting Image of Hitler Youth


While I certainly don’t agree with much of anything that the establishment parties like Labour stand for over in the UK,

why is it that public figures feel the need to apologize for anything they say that is politically incorrect? One of the most politically incorrect topics in the modern era is to mention anything pertaining to Adolf Hitler or German National Socialism unless it is 100% negative. Could it be any more clear that this mode of thinking needs to come to an end?

Welcome to Islamic Diversity: “The Situation in France is Horrible for the Jews,” Says Jewish Guy


France’s Jewish community is shaken following a string of violent anti-Semitic attacks over the past month that’s prompting thousands of Jews to seek to move to Israel.

“Anti-Semitic incidents are an almost daily occurrence in France,” National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism president Sammy Ghozlan told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency news service. “They are becoming more frequent and whereas the targets used to be synagogues, now there are more physical assaults on people, young religious Jews.”

VIDEO: "Exterminate All Whites" Says Jew Professor Noel Ignatiev


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